48 Photos - Jun 13, 2011
Photo: Sam Jaffe points out spicebush swallowtail egg on sassafras, 6.12.11Photo: Spicebush swallowtail egg on sassafrasPhoto: Cecropia moth eggs on cherryPhoto: Cecropia moth eggs on cherryPhoto: Signs of sphinx caterpillar on grape leafPhoto: Plume moth caterpillar on joe-pye weedPhoto: Plume moth caterpillar on joe-pye weedPhoto: Gray furcula (Furcula cinerea) egg on popularPhoto: Gray furcula (Furcula cinerea), Linda Raibert marks the pagePhoto: Lesser maple spanwormPhoto: Grapevine epimenis, balloon shelter in grapeleafPhoto: Red admiral 1st instar in folded false nettle leafPhoto: Red admiral 1st instar on false nettlePhoto: Sam Jaffe leads the caterpillar seekersPhoto: Five-lined sallow (Catabena lineolata Walker, 1865), a rarely seen caterpillar, found feeding on blue vervain leaves, 6.12.11Photo: Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta) caterpillar found in folded false nettle leaves along Dike TrailPhoto: Double-toothed prominent (Nerice bidentata) eggsPhoto: Double-toothed prominent (Nerice bidentata) caterpillarPhoto: Question mark (Polygonia interrogationis) caterpillarPhoto: Copper Underwing "Pyramid Butt" (Amphipyra pyramidoides)Photo: Pearly Woodnymph (Eudryas grata) on primrosePhoto: Pearly Woodnymph (Eudryas grata) on primrosePhoto: American dagger moth (Acronicta americana) on maple, 8.21.10Photo: Harverster cats grazing on wooly aphids on alder, 8.21.10Photo: Ants eating secretions of harvester butterfly caterpillar (center), who grazes on wooly aphids on alder branch, 7.26.10Photo: Sam Jaffe, introducing a spicebush sphinx moth caterpillarPhoto: Spicebush Swallowtail (Papilio troilus) on sassafrasPhoto: Silver Spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus) on Showy tick-trefoilPhoto: Sam Jaffe finds a yellow-shouldered slug caterpillar, 8.21.10Photo: Yellow-shouldered slug (Lithacodes fasciola) caterpiller, 8.21.10Photo: Four-horned Sphinx (Ceratomia amyntor) caterpillar, 8.21.10Photo: Four-horned sphinx (Ceratomia amyntor) on elmPhoto: Walkers admire a four-horned Sphinx (Ceratomia amyntor) caterpillarPhoto: Waved Sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa)Photo: Waved sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa) on ash, 8.21.10Photo: Gray hairstreak (Strymon melinus), male, 8.21.10Photo: Great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele), 7.3.09Photo: Great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele), 7.3.09Photo: Monarch (Danaus plexippus) on swamp milkweed, 7.3.09Photo: Red admiral (Aglais milberti) butterfly, 7.10.10Photo: Primrose moth (Schinia florida), 8.2.09Photo: Brown hooded-owlet (Cucullia convexipennis) feeding on goldenrod, 8.24.09Photo: Eastern comma butterfly (Polygonia comma), 9.29.10Photo: Viceroy egg on willow leaf tipPhoto: Wavy-lined emerald caterpillar (Synchlora aerata)Photo: Gray hairstreakPhoto: Leaf balloon, silver-spotted skipperPhoto: Silver-spotted skipper