9 Photos - Feb 2, 2011
Photo: Mr. Cardinal, glowing like an ember in the snowPhoto: Cherry Nymph (no kidding!) amaryllis... Blossoms inside, birds beyond.Photo: Downy woodpecker sharing the suet with his Mrs. and...Photo: ...a white-breasted nuthatchPhoto: House Finches front, back, and sideways..at the kitchen window.Photo: Our resident Carolina wren, a small bird with a big personality, tackles the peanut butter slathered pine cone that I hung out for blizzard relief.Photo: There's nothing more peaceful than the sight of a mourning dove in the snow.Photo: The feeding frenzy catches the eye of this sharp-shinned hawk. Perched outside of our bathroom window, he kept an eye on our neighbor's and our feeders by shifting position on this branch.Photo: