138 Photos - Jul 30, 2009
Photo: Meeniyan Art Show - October/November 2009 - Amahdi wins an award!!Photo: "Amahdi" - Prize winner at Meeniyan - soldPhoto: "Machiko" - SOLDPhoto: Side view of "Machiko" - SOLDPhoto: "DANI" - soldPhoto: "FELICITY" - SOLDPhoto: Lfiesaver Sam - SOLDPhoto: "ASTRID" - SOLDPhoto: "Sunset" - Bedouins on Canvas - NOT FOR SALEPhoto: OLIVIA - soldPhoto: "Deheune"Photo: Wearing a hand-felted vest made by RhondaPhoto: "MANDY" - SOLDPhoto: "TOBY" - SOLDPhoto: Faerie chat - SOLDPhoto: "Ed" - SOLDPhoto: "Ed" - detailPhoto: LexiePhoto: Jane - the refugee worker, made for a show with a "Volunteer" focusPhoto: "Umi"Photo: Rear view of "Umi"Photo: AMAHDI - "REJOICING" - 
NOT FOR SALEPhoto: "MARIKA" - SOLDPhoto: "LEAH" - SOLDPhoto: "MAYA" - SOLDPhoto: "Ingrid"Photo: "Deheune" - wearing a hand-felted vest by RhondaPhoto: "SUNSHINE" - soldPhoto: "JADE" - soldPhoto: "ANGHARAD" - SOLDPhoto: "SALLY" - SOLDPhoto: "RUBY"Photo: "Marina" - SOLDPhoto: "Estelle"Photo: "TANGERINE"  -SOLDPhoto: "ANGELA"Photo: PeonyPhoto: Kara - SOLDPhoto: WARRIOR - NOT FOR SALEPhoto: "Yuriko"Photo: Side view of "Yuriko"Photo: "RED" - Not for salePhoto: Photo: JackPhoto: NOT FOR SALEPhoto: "LUCY LOU"Photo: SOLDPhoto: "EMERALD' - SOLDPhoto: The Elizabethan Lady - Not for SalePhoto: PInk Lady Sold
Blue lady has had accident - no longer for salePhoto: SOLDPhoto: Photo: SOLDPhoto: "HOSHIKO"Photo: Photo: Rear View of "Hoshiko"Photo: "ALEX" - soldPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLD - GONE TO LIVE IN THE WIMMERAPhoto: SOLDPhoto: "ROSIE - NOT FOR SALE"Photo: ZAHRA - SOLDPhoto: BACK OF ZAHRA - SOLDPhoto: Photo: Photo: SOLDPhoto: Photo: Lives in our gardenPhoto: Photo: APRICOT SITTERPhoto: SANTA NOT FOR SALEPhoto: PETAL - NOT FOR SALEPhoto: LEANING CHINAMANPhoto: TAUPE BEDOUIN - Lives on our deckPhoto: Sian - SOLDPhoto: Chloe's 5 minutes of famePhoto: EDU - SOLDPhoto: SARONG SITTER - SOLDPhoto: "CORAL"Photo: Tom - Not for SalePhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: Photo: SOLDPhoto: AVA - SoldPhoto: BACK OF AVA - SoldPhoto: SOLDPhoto: TAWNY - SOLDPhoto: MAEVE - SoldPhoto: "PATSY"Photo: SOLDPhoto: SoldPhoto: APRICOT SITTERPhoto: BLUE CHINAMANPhoto: RED ORIENTAL - SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: Magenta lady - lives in our gardenPhoto: SOLDPhoto: FLORAL STANDINGPhoto: The Problem child - SOLDPhoto: PINK HIPPY CHICKPhoto: Pete with a patchPhoto: PURPLE MOTHER AND CHILD - soldPhoto: PINK BUSTPhoto: TURQUOISE LADY - SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SoldPhoto: DAMISI - SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: TAYO - soldPhoto: Photo: SACHIKO - "CHILD OF JOY" NOT FOR SALEPhoto: REAR OF SACHIKOPhoto: DETAILPhoto: Photo: "SOLD"Photo: Photo: SOLDPhoto: Photo: SOLDPhoto: SOLDPhoto: Leopard lady - soldPhoto: Photo: SoldPhoto: In our gardenPhoto: Magenta blingedPhoto: SoldPhoto: BLUE CHINAMANPhoto: Chinaman on slate - soldPhoto: "GWYNETH"Photo: Photo: Lizzie - Private CollectionPhoto: The Christmas FaeriePhoto: Craft Show at Churchill Neighbourhood House