33 Photos - Jan 17, 2013
Photo: That's a Nutone 2055-2056Photo: We took off the back plane here, there were two scrows on the front holding it in place. On the left side of the front you can see a screw hole and what it fastens to on the bottom of the back panel.Photo: These three position switches are each linked to an intercom in the house. This system supports up to 8.Photo: We're looking at the connector that accepts a wire from the front panel. Also notice the slot for the phillips screw. This is the only screw that must be completely removed to remove the switch unit.Photo: Here we are looking at an overview of the inside of the front portion of the intercom control system. A large speaker, FM Tuner, mono in, tubes, the whole bitPhoto: Overview of the board.Photo: Left most side of the board. FM Tuning components, maybe?Photo: Middle section of the board, got some tubes here.Photo: Right most side of the board.Photo: 110 V InPhoto: 3.2 ohm Nutone speakerPhoto: Getting ready to remove the switch panel here, notice how the screw slot is open at the end.Photo: Panel removed, we are looking at the backside of the switch board. Interesting that the screw-type terminals are right on the trace. I guess you could do that with these crudely made boards that have massive traces.Photo: A little wiring diagram for the switch board.Photo: A pair for each position of the switch?Photo: We're looking at the upper right on the rear interior of the cabinet.Photo: See how it slides back together? Then we just tighten the outside corners and put the screw in the inside corner. Pretty simplePhoto: Here is the connector coming off the front to connect to the rearPhoto: This is neat, the backside of the box is installed into the wall. Two screws on the front are removed and this hinge mechanism lets the front fold forward and hang on the wall still.Photo: This would be in the hanging positionPhoto: The portion my hand is on would be recessed into the wallPhoto: Simple switch.Photo: Lots of room for wirePhoto: Now we are looking at one of the wall units. Each room has one of these.Photo: Long screws, bracket is on the backside of the drywall, may be helpful.Photo: These things have a massive cutout and bracketPhoto: First views of the backside. Wires are taught.Photo: After disconnecting the speaker wire I could get a better shot.Photo: Another nice thing is that I have two cat3 wires ran in the same studbay. This is consistent throughout the house. Might be handy since I don't have home phone. Could also use them as pull lines for cat5ePhoto: Measure reference, and you can see the bracket a little. The bracket is a rounded rectangle.Photo: Measurement reference for the control unitPhoto: Measurement reference for the speaker grill on the control unit.Photo: Measurement reference for internal