48 Photos - Apr 18, 2015
Photo: I think this is Belton Lake, TX, near Fort Hood.Photo: Downtown Austin.Photo: A dam on the Colorado River just south of downtown.Photo: Bexar Concrete NE of San Antonio.Photo: These are oil wells seen while flying between SAT and PHX on Wednesday.  They are between  Ozona and Barnhart, TX.Photo: Photo: Photo: This is part of the King Mountain Wind Farm.Photo: This is a salt flat south of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.Photo: Same salt flat farther north.Photo: It's hard to see through the scratched-up window, but this is an admin area for Biggs Army Airfield, just north of El Paso.Photo: This is a subdivision somewhere SE of PHX.Photo: This is a mine north of PHX.  It and the next photo are a cement plant near Clarkdale, AZ.Photo: This is a cement plant at Clarksdale, AZ.Photo: This is Williams, AZ.  Sun reflection off of Santa Fe, Gonzalez, and Cataract Lakes is ideal.Photo: A train passing east of Williams.  That's Rt 66 on the left, and I-40 on the right.Photo: Closeup of Williams.  There is a GEP there!Photo: This is Sun reflecting off a double set of railroad tracks north of Williams.  The line running from left center to lower right is the right of way for a set of power lines that run from Phoenix to either the Glen Canyon dam or the Navaho power plant, both near Page, AZ.Photo: It's not a good picture, but there is a small wind farm on the upper left part of the picture.  You can see the towers when driving from Williams to the South Rim of Grand Canyon.Photo: The reflections here caught my eye.  The lower left is from a power substation, and the upper right is from a pond called Lion Tank.  I think that is a stock pond.Photo: This is COOL.  This network of riverlets dig down to become a subcanyon that ends up in Grand Canyon as Havasu Creek.Photo: At this point, we would have been right over Grand Canyon Village.Photo: This is an unusual structure that is in the vicinity of Jacob Lake north of Grand Canyon.Photo: Photo: I think this is near 36.958650, -112.134204.Photo: I think these are hoodoos south of Bryce Canyon, near 37.431661, -112.277921.Photo: Photo: I think this river is in the vicinity of Bryce Canyon.Photo: Photo: As we left SLC Friday morning, this very cool lenticular cloud was over the mountains.Photo: Serious snow above Ogden.Photo: Just east of SLC.Photo: Starvation Lake.  Could've picked a better name.Photo: I think this is either Red River or Taos ski area.  I'm leaning towards Taos.Photo: Photo: This is looking into the Wild Rivers area.  The green line is the Rio Grande gorge, with the Guadalupe Mountains.Photo: This is Baldy Mountain on Philmont Scout Ranch!Photo: Photo: French Lake, and Ponil Creek, NM.  Cimarron, NM is just under the wing.Photo: In the distance is Turkey Mt, NM, in the middle a mesa or butte that has Charette Lake and much smaller Upper Charette Lakes barely visible on the eastern edge, and at center right is Rayado Mesa, with Gonzalitos Mesa at center left.  Miami Lake is at the extreme right center, below Rayado Mesa.  The dark line wending along the bottom is Rayado Creek.  All of this is right to the east of Philmont Scout Ranch.Photo: Closeup of the previous shot.Photo: Some large rock and mesa walls here.  This is between Cimarron and Springer, NM.Photo: I'm fascinated by these canyons.  This one looks a lot like the feeder canyon south of Grand Canyon.  These get quite deep as well.  This is Mills Canyon, which is carved by the Canadian River.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ute Lake in eastern NM.Photo: River deep in canyon.Photo: Sand in Texas.