34 Photos - Apr 21, 2012
Photo: Our journey begins!Photo: Looking for Photo SpotsPhoto: Back of Meyerson Symphony Center with a Glimpse of AT&T Performing Arts Center (Red Building)Photo: The Four of Us Walking AlongPhoto: Front of the Morton H Meyerson Symphony CenterPhoto: Walking Among the TreesPhoto: Zirael Helping Us Find Places to GoPhoto: Cool Mural on Parking GaragePhoto: Dee & Charles Wyly Theater (Fully constructed despite appearances. I call it the Borg Cube)Photo: Dutchbat Sees Something in the DistancePhoto: Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe (pretty church)Photo: Plaza of the Americas Ice Rink (As Zir put it, Dallas' Rockefeller Center)Photo: Neato Prism Array at Plaza of the Americas (cool rainbows as the sun passes)Photo: Dutch Does His Best to Get Us Lost (cue the Giacchino music)Photo: Magnolia Hotel (Turns out Pegasus is an icon of Dallas, saw them all over the place)Photo: Buildings and Fun with GeometryPhoto: Bank of America Building Plaza (Sculpture reminds me of giant penne noodles)Photo: John F Kennedy MemorialPhoto: JFK Memorial Interior (It looks like I caught Dutch in a Bigfoot sighting moment)Photo: Why Did the Dutchbat Cross the Road?Photo: The Group at Dealey PlazaPhoto: More WaitingPhoto: Old Red CourthousePhoto: Perot Museum of Nature & Science (WIP)Photo: Zirael at the Entrance to the Art Museum Sculpture GardenPhoto: Ladies Intently ListeningPhoto: Dutchbat Trying to Catch Some Flies (They were buzzing everywhere after he got some wine)Photo: Take 2! Yoshi_290, Jadedtitan and Zirael at SfuzziPhoto: Nova Kat, Dutchbat and Sirius Creations at SfuzziPhoto: Group Shot of the SST Gang at Sfuzzi (Best of 3 as waitress didn't have steady hands after all, but she could drown you in water refills)Photo: Sirius Photos Sneak PeekPhoto: Photo Op for FriendsPhoto: Setting Up After IntermissionPhoto: Jade Sign (Funnily enough found this just down the street of our hotels. I'm sure our Jade has nothing to do with this business ;D )