16 Photos - Oct 17, 2014
Photo: HDR+ mode off. Nexus 6 can’t handle this much dynamic range, so it exposes for the women’s faces, causing the landscape and sky to blow out. For details see the Google Research Blog post at: http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2014/10/hdr-low-light-and-high-dynamic-range.htmlPhoto: HDR+ mode on. Nexus 6 successfully captures the women, landscape, and sky.Photo: HDR+ mode off.  This picture is captured at dusk. Without enough light, a single shot by Nexus 6 is noisy (grainy).  Zoom in (press the magnifying glass button) to see it.Photo: HDR+ mode on. Look how much brighter, cleaner, and sharper this image is than the previous one. Zoom in and notice how much more detail you can see in her hair and eyelashes.Photo: HDR+ mode off.  It was dark in Princeton University Chapel, so this shot suffers blur from camera shake, smearing from strong de-noising, and plenty of residual noise in the shadows.Photo: HDR+ mode on.  Aligning and averaging multiple images avoids noise (and the need for strong de-noising), and a shorter exposure time avoids blur from camera shake, producing a brighter, sharper, cleaner picture.Photo: HDR+ off. While the cliff at left is well-exposed, the tree-covered hillside at right is under-exposed, and the sky is blown out.Photo: HDR+ on.  The cliff, hillside and sky are captured. Contrast and saturation are also improved.Photo: HDR+ off.  Stanford's Memorial Church is equally dark.Photo: HDR+ on.  Burst mode again produces a brighter, sharper, cleaner picture.Photo: HDR+ off.  It's not a bad shot, but the rightmost fellow is over-exposed, as is the menu on the table in front of him.Photo: HDR+ on.  Slightly darker overall, but now you can see the texture on his shirt, as well as the menu at my team's favorite Mexican restaurant.Photo: Based on this album, some people have concluded that without HDR+ mode, Nexus 6's takes poor pictures. This is not true.  The foregoing pictures represent very bright or very dark scenes, and were selected to explain how HDR+ works.  In most situations Nexus 6 takes excellent pictures without HDR+, and much better than Nexus 5.  Here are some examples.  View of Cayuga Lake from a house in Ithaca NY. HDR+ off.Photo: Another view of Cayuga Lake.  HDR+ off.Photo: Part of George Segal's Gay Liberation statue at Stanford University.  HDR+ off.Photo: A near-macro shot.  HDR+ off.