225 Photos - Jun 1, 2014
Photo: Hol getting ready for the sun, in duty-free at Manchester airport.Photo: Honesty in Waikiki.Photo: Banyan tree (near Waikiki beach).Photo: The beach.Photo: On the beach.Photo: Hawaiian beach (Waikiki).Photo: The glorious Hanauma Bay - first snorkeling destination.Photo: Hol and a fish (in Hanauma Bay).Photo: A parrot fish (Hanauma Bay).Photo: Hol.Photo: Paddling at Kailua.Photo: Surfing a rock (at Kailua).Photo: Ready for some sea-kayaking (at Kailua).Photo: Beautiful beach (at Kailua).Photo: Looking chic (notice the umbrella, for the evening tropical downpour!).Photo: At Pearl Harbour.Photo: At Pearl Harbour.Photo: Palm trees.Photo: In the rainforest.Photo: Bamboo forest.Photo: Pretty bird - a cardinal.Photo: Contributing to an artwork ('A Space Between' by Andrew Binkley).Photo: My contribution to 'A Space Between'.Photo: Self Portrait (in the Honolulu Museum of Art).Photo: Waikiki at dusk.Photo: A bonus dessert in 'Roy's'.Photo: Us in 'Roy's'.Photo: Alert (on 'Big Island').Photo: Should it be raining?Photo: Flowers.Photo: Flower.Photo: A Mai Tai tasting plate (in Kailua Kona).Photo: Sunset.Photo: Yum.Photo: Ukelele player Dennis Garcia, serenading the customers at the Lava Java cafe.Photo: For another day...maybe.Photo: A yellow bird.Photo: Poke from da Poke Shack.Photo: Manta ray.Photo: Manta ray (blurry).Photo: Fish at night.Photo: Us snorkelling at 'Two Step'.Photo: Amazing fish (at Two Step).Photo: Fish (at Two Step).Photo: Hawaiian national fish - the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish (at Two Step).Photo: Coral (at Two Step).Photo: Fish (at Two Step).Photo: Yellow fish (at Two Step).Photo: Anxiety.Photo: Relief.Photo: Hol, rain and a lava field.Photo: Do what it say.Photo: Ukeleles.Photo: Turtle at Kiholo Bay.Photo: Hol gets to see her first turtle (at Kiholo Bay).Photo: Amazing fish and chips (with beer and cocktails!) at Quinn’s Almost-By-The-Sea.Photo: Our hotel in Kona.Photo: Us.Photo: Us.Photo: Multiple lava-flows on the way to Volcano National Park.Photo: Do not pass.Photo: Come again??Photo: On the summit of Mauna Kea (4205 m) thanks to a lift from a friendly American we met (Mark) and his 4-wheel-drive.Photo: From the summit of Mauna Kea - desolate.Photo: Us on Mauna Kea.Photo: Me.Photo: Cinder cones on the flanks of Mauna Kea.Photo: Cinder cones on the flanks of Mauna Kea.Photo: Hol taking a picture of Mark.Photo: Us.Photo: Mark.Photo: Inside a cinder cone.Photo: Mark and Hol, taking their seats for sunset.Photo: Us (it's getting colder as the sun dips!).Photo: Mark and one of the observatories.Photo: Observatories.Photo: Observatories.Photo: Observatories.Photo: Sun dipping and cloud beneath us.Photo: Hol leaping.Photo: Sun having gone, from the summit of Mauna Kea.Photo: Dangers of walking round an active volcano.Photo: Plant-life.Photo: Us in Volcano National Park.Photo: The steaming, active crater of Kīlauea.Photo: The subsidary crater of Mauna Iki (the steaming, active crater of Kīlauea in the background).Photo: Hol astride a crack in once flowing lava.Photo: Bulging solidified lava.Photo: Forest, in Volcano National Park.Photo: The glow of the lava-lake of Kīlauea at night.Photo: Kīlauea lava-lake's glow.Photo: Famous market in Hilo.Photo: The Chain of Craters Road.Photo: Lava closes road.Photo: Me on a lava flow.Photo: Lava spreads across the road.Photo: Hol gazes over the lava-flow.  There's a road beneath this.Photo: Petroglyphs.Photo: Lava flow.Photo: A birthday lava flow.Photo: Tropical flower.Photo: Hol, on arriving on Maui.Photo: View from Lahaina (our home for the final 8 days of our honeymoon).Photo: Paradise.Photo: America's biggest banyan tree, in Lahaina.Photo: Bananas growing.Photo: Idyllic.Photo: Rapidly melting ice-creams!Photo: The front at Lahaina.Photo: Hol.Photo: Happy-hour!Photo: Us on the front at Lahaina.Photo: Us.Photo: Quiet.Photo: A big tree.Photo: Impressive flowers.Photo: Forest.Photo: Vegetation and the sea.Photo: Two waterfalls at the Three Bears Waterfalls (on the Road to Hana).Photo: Hol chillin'.Photo: In Memoriam (at Hana).Photo: Idyllic coastline.Photo: Black sand beach, emerges out of the forest.Photo: Walking trees.Photo: A blowhole.Photo: The sea.Photo: Mailboxes.Photo: Gelato.Photo: A stick-insect.Photo: Snorkelling at Molokini.Photo: Hol in the water.Photo: Amazing sea-life.Photo: Ditto.Photo: Hol.Photo: One of many spectacular fish at the Molokini crater.Photo: Hol - a dab-hand at snorkelling now.Photo: Fish.Photo: A kiss from a fish.Photo: Fish.Photo: A sea turtle coming up for air.Photo: Turning for the depths again.Photo: Us (underwater).Photo: Sea turtle taking a breath.Photo: Couldn't resist (but they were horrible!).Photo: Hol with her lei.Photo: Us at a slack-key concert.Photo: Da Ukelele Boyz and others, at a slack-key gig.Photo: Stars from the summit of Haleakala.Photo: Stars from the summit of Haleakala.Photo: Waiting for sunrise from the summit of Haleakala.Photo: Sunrise from the summit of Haleakala.Photo: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa (on Big Island) visible from the summit of Haleakala.Photo: The crowds who gathered for sunrise.Photo: Us, after the sun has risen.Photo: Day dawns.Photo: The sun appears.Photo: The ultra-rare silversword, that ONLY grows on the upper slopes of Haleakala.Photo: Silversword, close-up.Photo: Going for a walk around and into the crater of Haleakala.Photo: Ingredients for a volcano-summit B52 (for John and Vik).Photo: Other-worldly.Photo: Spectacular colours.Photo: Could be on another planet.Photo: Trees.Photo: Lizards galore.Photo: Hol in our hotel's pool.Photo: Flower-girl.Photo: Self-portrait.Photo: Hair-brush (waiting for dinner in a spectacular ocean-front restaurant).Photo: Us.Photo: Lizard at night.Photo: Surf-lesson.Photo: Hol.Photo: Cheering her success.Photo: Happy.Photo: Me.Photo: Cocktails!Photo: Mick Fleetwood's roof-top bar.Photo: Us.Photo: Sunset.Photo: Sunset.Photo: A kiss.Photo: Lizard.Photo: More snorkelling.Photo: Hang loose.Photo: Us.Photo: Underwater.Photo: Another great snorkelling experience.Photo: Wave.Photo: 'Big Beach'.Photo: Big waves.Photo: Big waves and lots of body-borders.Photo: Crashing waves in front of Molokini.Photo: Hol with beach-babe hair.Photo: Us at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: Hol at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: Sun going down.Photo: Traditional dancing at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: Traditional dancing at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: Traditional dancing at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: Traditional dancing at the Old Lahaina Luau.Photo: The I'ao Needle.Photo: For Nikki!Photo: Champagne (a gift from our hotel on Maui).Photo: Our hotel (our room is downstairs in the middle).Photo: A big flower.Photo: Hang loose and zip-line!Photo: Zip-lining (such fun!).Photo: Us.Photo: Surfing onions.Photo: View from the car (nice one Hol!).Photo: Us on the sea-front on our last evening.Photo: Coffee plantation.Photo: Steed.Photo: Ka’anapali rock formations.Photo: Hol at Ka’anapali.Photo: Hol at Ka’anapali.Photo: Stone circle at Ka’anapali.Photo: Hol at Ka’anapali.Photo: A bird takes flight.Photo: A last view from in Lahaina.Photo: One last stop on the way to the airport.Photo: Us - what a trip.Photo: Sign.Photo: The sun sets as we prepare to board.  Bye-bye Hawaii.