29 Photos - Nov 27, 2013
Photo: Boulder in a frosty fieldPhoto: AndyPhoto: Dave digging out the cavePhoto: ElevensesPhoto: Kev enters Woof CavePhoto: Hol enters Woof CavePhoto: Woof Cave visitors book!Photo: Andy peeks into Woof CavePhoto: Wall rebuilt - well done DavePhoto: Team (minus me)Photo: FrostyPhoto: Winter walkPhoto: HolPhoto: KevPhoto: Dave leads onPhoto: HolPhoto: At last...a view of BorrowdalePhoto: Hol and me (NOT in 'his n hers' jackets)Photo: All of us, on the way down (Kev with his enormo-hand)Photo: Mossy wallPhoto: Hol looking stunning in her Ted Baker dressPhoto: Mike beats Cath in the dinner-racePhoto: Paul gives his speechPhoto: The 'tache of KevPhoto: Preparing to dance...Photo: Kat and StevePhoto: John and SamPhoto: DancingPhoto: Hol and me and the end of the night