136 Photos - Mar 8, 2011
Photo: took a while for the dryer to dry clothes?  Lucky it didn't burn the house down!Photo: dryer ventPhoto: Dryer ventPhoto: Dryer ventPhoto: Melted humidifierPhoto: Melted humidifierPhoto: Culprit?Photo: Uv light and melted humidifierPhoto: 2 screen air filter with one cleaned (from “dougfamous“ at HVAC-TALK).  “Wondering why my gas bill was so high and the house was cold?”Photo: Nice big hole for new heat to escape!  Simply had a batt of fiberglass covering the hole.  If water will pour through it, so will air.Photo: Photo: Major signs of airflow!!Photo: Overhang vented - connects to basement.  Insulation under doublewide really deteriorated.  Not really sure where that vent come or goes to.Photo: Duct work has significant holesPhoto: beforePhoto: beforePhoto: After we re-installedPhoto: Customer very happy with the install...Photo: Photo: Beautiful hot water heater, ugly installation!Photo: Yes, it's leaning this way.Photo: “club foot”Photo: feet crookedPhoto: extension cord power, zip ties on the water line.Photo: Power to an extension cord, whole thing tilting forwardPhoto: If appearance doesn't matter... this thing rattled and made a lot of noise.Photo: Pretty wet.  This represents a long term health & safety AND durability problem.Photo: WET!  Gas line to generator.Photo: Crawl has vents open to outside!!Photo: Signs of airflow - heat loss.  Loose knit sweater in a windstormPhoto: Pretty leaky attic access, uninsulated door, heated air leaking up through insulation - wonder why homeowner has ice problems?  He's heating his roof!Photo: Fiberglass does not change color simply due to age.  It's an air filter - dirt collected is a significant sign of air flowPhoto: NICE furnace!  This homeowner pays more than $1 per square foot per year - just for natural gas!  By Getting Energy Smart he could save a car payment!  Clearly time to replace the furnace anyway!Photo: open returnPhoto: Big hole for chimney vent - holes like this leak a TON of heat out of your home.  Look at the airflow signs on the filterglass.Photo: Big leaky hole through house.Photo: cobbled together ducts and heating system.Photo: Think this closes tight in winter?Photo: Someone paid good money for this.  Serves as much purpose as hanging a sweater over your hand.Photo: What a mess.Photo: Some heat loss out the top of these CELLULOSE INSULATED walls? Air leaks making insulation ineffectivePhoto: CELLULOSE INSULATED HOUSE - missed some stuff?Photo: Might be backdrafting?!?Photo: Wonder why these walls are cold?  No top plate to slow convective losses up and out of the wall cavity!  Check discoloration!Photo: Ceiling and wall cavities both open at soffits!?  Fill with open cell foam?  Explains TI shots!Photo: Very distinct snow melt/icicle formation on this roof.Photo: Icicles paid for with wasted heat.  Gutter life dramatically shortened.Photo: Supposedly sealed firebox - guess that doesn't mean they sealed the chimney.  Huge leakage here.Photo: Drop ceiling in daycare area - HUGE airflow here!Photo: Penetrations not air sealed, insulation not in contact with thermal boundary.Photo: hallway light from attic - leaky ya think?Photo: Bird issue via ridge ventPhoto: Dark areas indicate significant air flow issues.Photo: Might be loosing some heat here?Photo: Very leaky can's  - view from atticPhoto: Basically huge holes to attic - Air sealing and insulating attic is probably best opportunity for Bob.Photo: Some kinked flex??  Air seal metal duct connections and insulate better.Photo: Big hole in basement window - cats usePhoto: Condensation/mold?Photo: No corral.  Very low R value herePhoto: Takeoff at END of trunk!  ”Explains why bathroom gets blasted.“Photo: Very little insulation - 3 leaky can lights in attic.Photo: Hole down inside the house!!  How to deal with this??Photo: Don't forget the attic hatch, it's behind you! Not yellow anymore!Photo: disaster waiting to happen.  Informed client cleanup likely to be about $2000 per gallon.Photo: No wonder return is so cold!!  Serious airflow evident from fiberglass discoloration.  Taped repair not durable.Photo: HOLY COW! NO END ON THIS RETURN!  Sucking return air from OUTDOORS!!  Can't do this today - fiberglass is a known health hazard - can't have it part of the ventilation system!Photo: Crazy return plan!!  Very cold in here...Photo: Looks like return has come lose.  Homeowner had a generator installed.  Installer apparently knocked return lose and doubled the homeowners bill.  Called Gas company, Generator installer, HVAC guy, then I put a blower door on and it was pretty evident the problem was down here somewhere.  Good thing for flash cameras - this is a LONG way from the hatch and it's a mud pit under here.Photo: Might there be some air leaks to this attic space?Photo: Return open to very leaky, moist basement.  Wonder if there's mold under that dust?Photo: VERY leaky can lightsPhoto: I'd be surprise if condensation doesn't form on these lights when it get really cold.Photo: Huge open cavity over stairsPhoto: More big holes.Photo: Wonder if this is drafting properly?Photo: HMMM!  Looks like windwash has uncovered improper baffle installation and fair to poor batt installation.Photo: $400,000 home in Mendon - vintage 2002.  Friction installed batts are NOT a durable soffit baffle solution.  Apparently batt was used in an attempt to create a cavity between soffit to the baffle instead of properly installing end baffles.  Nearly worthless white stuff likely hid the shortcut if the inspector bother to climb into the attic - if the inspector even climbed up to look (doubtful - the attic hatch was a piece of fiberglass)Photo: Think 2nd floor cans might be leaky?Photo: Daylight visable in this mobile home water heater closetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Navien exhaust, no intake, running 140f.Photo: Cover a window with a sweater? very leakyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: air coming up the walls, much?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: this is "we've got comfort and energy issues and NO idea what to do.  Let's throw money and hope..."What delta are they insulating against?Photo: leaky under tubPhoto: had recently changed. dogs. Discussed media filter for disused electronic filter box.  Such an easy fix!Photo: Very leaky under tubPhoto: very leaky under tubPhoto: If air were water, how much would this hold?Photo: Photo: duct work very leaky everywherePhoto: Even media filters need to be changed more than once a decade!Photo: Couldn't get to bubble.Photo: Love this one!  original comments: fan to ridge vent? Need to shorten and properly terminate through roofPhoto: furnace vent very longPhoto: "Doesn't look too dirty yet" - when is it "too dirty"?Photo: discussed advantages of abandoning chimney.Photo: Splits are energy disasters that can be pretty easily addressed!   (discussed advantages of abandoning chimney.)Photo: Thermal bypass literally PUMPING hot air into the attic 24/7 - look at the airflow signs on the edge of the FG.Photo: Lower attic had additional 4" very poorly installedPhoto: Hunh? No wonder return air from master is a challenge.  Fan powered ERV is Tee'd into the same pipe.Photo: Think this might be a tad restrictive?  DON'T USE 1" PLEATED FILTERS!Photo: bypass up wallsPhoto: This is wood mold not ice. Location was a crawlspace in an upscale neighborhood the occupants abandoned the house.  Image found at http://homeenergypros.lbl.gov/photo/cool-air-infiltration-around/next?context=featuredPhoto: Wall in garage - note discoloration!Photo: More discoloration - note joist bays open below leading straight into house from garage atticPhoto: How the wall was addressed.  Little thin on the foam but MUCH better than leaky unencapsulated FG BattPhoto: More discoloration - note joist bays open below leading straight into house from garage atticPhoto: More discoloration - note joist bays open below leading straight into house from garage atticPhoto: Access here.  Note joist bays open above garage ceiling leading straight into house from garage atticPhoto: NYSERDA 38% savings realization?  140 kwh electric savings not calculateable?Photo: NYSERDA 2009-2011 analysis  .76 gas and .47 electric realization.  Bottom paragraph - we suck about the same as MassSAVEPhoto: NYSERDA 2009-2011 analysis  .76 gas and .47 electric realization.  Bottom paragraph - we suck about the same as MassSAVE.  Oh, and other programs suck more.Photo: A nice little safety factor.Photo: NYSERDA cost per project - what is average project cost?  Average cost per energy savings?Photo: Tableau NY HPwES performance data.  Models tend to overstate consumption if there is no reconcilliation step.Photo: Crazy blower door numbers.  Lie at test in?  Lie at target?  Lie at test out?Photo: Photo: Bath vent after 32+ feet of 8" hard pipe replacing 40' of 6" flex