26 Photos - Apr 11, 2012
Photo: Beautiful day to shop!Photo: I love Sea Salt if you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it!Photo: This is the best store bought Garlic bread I have found!Photo: Easter leftovers were the door greeter!!Photo: I had to stop at another store to purchase this!!Photo: I needed beautiful red tomatoes for my Panini!Photo: Beautiful Bread!Photo: this is the one I need!Photo: I love this cheese so in the basket it went!Photo: I love Butter!!Photo: And here is the First Street Oven Roasted Turkey!Photo: And here is the Land-of-Lakes Oven Roasted Turkey!Photo: First Street Oven Roasted Turkey and the price is great!Photo: We love Cheese in our family!Photo: Needed First Street Swiss Cheese too!Photo: Needed oil too!Photo: I thought these were too cute!!Photo: These look soo yummy!Photo: I love nuts!!Photo: I always check the clearance for bargains!Photo: Beautiful fruit!Photo: Making Cupcake Bites for a fund raiser so I grabbed a couple of these!!Photo: I love this pizza sauce!Photo: These are a great low cal treat!!Photo: I love the coconut syrup in my hot cocoa!Photo: