16 Photos - Jun 23, 2013
Photo: Smart & Final Summer Grilling Recipe: Aloha Pork Spareribs #ChooseSmartPhoto: Smart & Final is the place for Pork Spareribs. #ChooseSmartPhoto: Smart & Final has a wide selection of meat- shelves are always well-stocked.Photo: Next time, I'm going to try this TradeWinds brand seasoning-I'll let you know if I like it more than the Grill Mates.Photo: Fresh produce dept has lots of great looking fruit and veggies to choose from.Photo: Might have to go back for these colorful tumblers- they scream summertime!Photo: Look at these cute bags!Photo: Reusable shopping bags for sale at Smart & Final, reuse-recycle!Photo: My ingredients are all ready to go, let's do this! Time to make my summer grilling recipe.Photo: Rub on the ribs, now ready to be covered & placed in fridge overnight.Photo: After cooking in the oven for 1 hour, place the ribs on a hot grill! They are looking great!Photo: Make sure the flames are turned down low, don't want to scorch those beautiful ribs.Photo: Pork Spareribs on the grill, they smell divine!Photo: I love Summer Grilling, doesn't this look delicious?Photo: Look at those ribs!Photo: Dinner is served! Aloha Pork Spareribs, corn-on-the-cob & watermelon! Summer Grilling at it's best!