17 Photos - Jun 17, 2013
Photo: Photo: There was a lot of race related signage up in the store, great way to promote the Save Mart 350!Photo: Lucky has a huge selection of chicken to choose from, I really like that!Photo: This cardboard cut-out of Jeff Burton greeted me at Lucky's! I thought it was a great addition to all their pre-race decorations.Photo: This sign says it all.Photo: The produce dept in Lucky's was well-stocked and very inviting.Photo: Look at all the different cheeses I had to choose from! I was in dairy heaven!Photo: Near the entrance to the store, Lucky had a large grilling display set up. Everything you need for a successful grilling experience.Photo: If you need a grill brush, Lucky has it covered.Photo: Here are the ingredients I'll be using for my recipe, fresh out of my Lucky's grocery bag.Photo: Can't wait to get that chicken on the grill!Photo: After marinated in the bar-b-q- sauce, I placed the chicken on the grill.Photo: Look at the blue cheese, walnuts and strawberries.... delicious!Photo: Not only does my final product look good, but it's good for you!Photo: Your family will love this heart healthy meal.Photo: This is a tail-gating feast!Photo: Lucky has a great selection of chicken to choose from.