41 Photos - May 5, 2013
Photo: Over the summint on Hwy 80, the dark line is the snow shed that protects the trains going over the Sierras.Photo: At the show, English Lops wait to be judged.Photo: Creme D'ArgentePhoto: Blanc d'Hotot, one of only 2 at the show. :(Photo: Tan and the cage says it all!Photo: Mike Avesing gets lots of table help.Photo: Kevin Stanford judges as the clerk does comment cardsPhoto: Cinnamons waiting to be judgedPhoto: This is the West Coast Classic in Reno, it's rabbits wall to wall.Photo: Youth Royalty contest consists of Judging contest, Breed ID, Rabbit Knowledge, and interview.Photo: Casey's AngorasPhoto: French AngoraPhoto: Melodye spots me. She is clerking behind the table with a grandbaby on her hip!Photo: Champagne d'argentsPhoto: ThriantaPhoto: Flemish Giants wating to go up for judgingPhoto: American Chinchillas waiting to be judged by Tex Thomas (red arrow)Photo: Briony Barnes, Donna, Melissa McMullen , John Boofur and some French LopsPhoto: People discussing with Lorena FerchaudPhoto: Red New Zealands being judgesPhoto: Holland Lops specialty showPhoto: My favorite of the day - Hellboy!Photo: Berlena Reynolds shows a blue eyed white minirexPhoto: A Lionhead RabbitPhoto: Silver FawnPhoto: Silver Black judgingPhoto: Moonlit Rabbitry with Silver FawnPhoto: Magpie Harlequin Wildwood WabbitryPhoto: English Angora rabbits with BettyPhoto: This is the cooping for Satin and Mini-Satins National Specialty ShowPhoto: A clever bumper sticker I saw in trafficPhoto: Admiring a machine in Circus-Circus casinoPhoto: Taxidermy at Cabela'sPhoto: I think Frank wants these for his birthdayPhoto: That looks like its gonna hurtPhoto: Dark clouds develop outside Cabelas near RenoPhoto: Dark clouds over the summitPhoto: Slushy rain is common in springtime over the Sierras, Hwy 80 near Donner SummitPhoto: We arrive at West Coast Classic!Photo: Almost there, Hwy 80 near Truckiee CalifPhoto: You can call him "Flower" if you want to. Taxidermy at Cabela's