48 Photos - Dec 29, 2009
Photo: 1981 Subaru Brat Restoration -- The StartPhoto: Hood Bump Stops #1Photo: Hood Bump Stops #2Photo: Hood Bump Stops #3Photo: Hood Bump Stops #4Photo: Hood Bump Stops #5Photo: Progress!Photo: Photo: Mirror Gaskets ReproducedPhoto: I glued the original to the white blocks, used a bit of foam to make them a bit thicker, then made a silicone mold of them. Next up.... pouring casting rubber into the molds.Photo: Photo: The clones in place. They are thicker and much better than the originals. Only time will tell if they material holds up to UVs (although my Brat is garaged these days).Photo: Plastic Spacers Between Windshield and Vent GrillPhoto: Some polypro tubing heated up, formed, then trimmed.Photo: Photo: Photo: The final product. Much better than metal on metal.Photo: Front Parking Light GasketsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: So they're not OEM. But my lights don't leak like sieves anymore!Photo: Photo: Rubber between chrome and wheel well. Made from McMaster Carr stock and then trimmed thinner using some old leather working tricks.Photo: Photo: Removable Seat BracketPhoto: Made from 1X1" bed frame angle iron. If I were to do this again, I would have used 1.5" frame. They really needed to be a bit higher. I ultimately put a spacer between the frame and the floor of the bed.Photo: Photo: Modified lower headrest brackets. My stock ones were removed eons ago because they stuck out too far and I needed the room for hauling stuff. Well... this fixes the sticking out problem just fine. Very happy with this.Photo: Photo: Removable aluminum spacers.Photo: 4WD Stickshift MoldPhoto: Mold ReleasePhoto: 4WD Stickshift FinalPhoto: Plastic Rear Headrest SlidersPhoto: DIY Wind Dam for back seat passengers!Photo: Photo: Based on an A1 Yakima rack with 48-inch cross-barPhoto: Spacer and Hardware DetailPhoto: Spacer DetailPhoto: Clips to secure it to the rain gutterPhoto: Fiberglassed and bondo'd to smooth out the imperfections.Photo: Final primed product.Photo: After paint. I really like how this turned out and people riding in the back love it!Photo: Notice how much smoother the transitions are from the spacers to the channels.Photo: Photo: Photo: