10 Photos - Jun 14, 2014
Photo: Hazel's Hitchosaurs aren't panicking.Photo: Keith's Petunias are a little more upbeat about plummeting through space.Photo: Mike's dinosaur, robot, and bug are getting ready for the dance floor at Milliways.Photo: Andy's Dinosaurs prefer the old, less extinct ways.Photo: Keith's Vogon poet sings the traditional Vogon Birthday song (320 verses, each accompanied by a round of bumps)Photo: Rowan's Collage is cheerfully annoying to vogons.Photo: David's Red BalloonsPhoto: Keith's scrabble pieces spell out the problem with the earth.Photo: Julie's Slartibartfast's Cat gives a lovely baroque feeling to a continent.Photo: Keith's Nutrimatic Machine just doesn't understand why the ape-descended lifeform wants dried sugar, cooked.