37 Photos - Jun 15, 2013
Photo: Keith's Caterpillar will one day undergo a spiraculous transformation.Photo: Aoife's Ladybird sends the balloon up.Photo: Julie's insect is wearing false eyelashes, but a real silkworm silk dress.Photo: Clare's ladybird isn't about to fly away home with the party in full swing.Photo: David's spider prefers a dry martini to curds and whey any day of the year.Photo: Mike and Hannah's ladybird's house isn't on fire - but the roof is!Photo: Bug Collage from Jess's Year 7 StudentsPhoto: Allegra's Karaok-bee.Photo: Sina's fly wonders if it's too early to land on the cake.Photo: Coln's bug dances "the robot"Photo: Eloise's Woodlice start mixing the drinks.Photo: Enerel's ants are getting ready to dance like they've got humans in their pants.Photo: Harvey's bee is buzzing with excitement.Photo: Helena's bug gets in the party spirit.Photo: Jakob's glowworm gets everybody on the dance floor.Photo: Jamie's Millipede wants 500 forks and 500 plates for its cake.Photo: Jon's centipede has its best party clothes on.Photo: Lincoln's bug has some funky moves.Photo: Maya's flea has some great party tricks from its days in the circus.Photo: Maya's ladybird gets ready to blow its party favour.Photo: Oliver's bug wonders whether it should have asked for a small hat.Photo: Sina's spider is going to celebrate with everything it's got!Photo: Star's disco-bug sets up the light-show.Photo: Star's Mantis is off-duty today, it's not here to eat anybody, just to have fun!Photo: Ujebien's kissing bugs have the corner to themselves.Photo: Yousif's DJ B is checking out the tunes it's going to spin.Photo: Rowan shows me and Joanna in the midst of a dance-floor invasionPhoto: Sarah's swing bugs are serious flappers!Photo: Agnes's bugs are flipping out (in a good way).Photo: Joanna's bugs are feeling the party love.Photo: Michael's Bugs spy on actual insect dances, all the while suspecting that the new head of Bureau 2 is having a joke at their expense.Photo: Michael's moth loves those candles - perhaps a little too much...Photo: Julianna's Cricket is quite the card!Photo: Hazel's chocolate caterpillar is in charge of party food.Photo: Clare's spider demonstrates its book lungs.Photo: Julie's Bug is in its finest dress.Photo: Julie's ant has an ant in its pants. Namely, it.