7 Photos - Jun 15, 2012
Photo: My Godzimmer Frame was expensive - but look, it comes with a clock built in!Photo: My lego space invader went grey on top long ago, but now his short-sightedness requires him to wear special invading glasses...Photo: James's visually-impaired Cthulhu needs help crossing the road - and devouring the chicken's soul.Photo: Jane's (G)nos(her)feratu feels more comfortable taking his fangs out.Photo: Jane's Medusa is going a little thin on top.Photo: Julie's lion suffers a senior moment.Photo: My Alien Queen is embarrassed by her drooling problem, but thinks that the real problem is how much otherwise nice young people swear nowadays. It's all "Die, mother-eff", or "Get away from her, you B-word!". Disgraceful. When she was an egg, people kept a civil tongue in their heads. Also, her ovipositor.