12 Photos - Jun 15, 2011
Photo: Karen's Dance-bot 5000 never breaks down, it only *gets* down.Photo: Mike and Hannah's Dance-Bot 5000 has both Hard and Floppy Jives.Photo: David's Gema-designed Dance-Bot 5000 waltzed through early testing.Photo: Julie's Dance-Bot 5000 jitterbugs
 back to his roots as a Henry vacuum cleaner.Photo: Hazel's Dance-Bot 5000 does "The Human"Photo: James's Dance-Bot 5000 does the Robot Chicken dance at a wedding. Dance-Bot 6000 is not impressed - he's always like this after a bottle or two of Jamaican Rumba.Photo: Maria's (gender-)Bender is looking for Dance-Bot 5000, the next name on his dance card.Photo: Hazel's Metal Mickey is not Dance-Bot 5000, but he can certainly boogie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_zCZZOIUIM&feature=youtube_gdata_playerPhoto: Jo's Dance-Bot 5000 dances the Apple-MacarenaPhoto: My Dance-Bot 5000 is overjoyed about his new robo-spatsPhoto: Jane's Dance-Bot 5000 being run through its steps by T-Rex while some Octopodes watchPhoto: Andy's Dance-Bot 5000 skip-steps through the delicate social minefield of robot dance etiquette