21 Photos - Jun 15, 2010
Photo: Charlie's Squid with a Bow TiePhoto: Julie's Glitter SquidPhoto: Julie's Squid in a Top HatPhoto: Charlie's Octopus in a Top HatPhoto: Charlie's Squid in a Top HatPhoto: "Is the tiara OTT?"

The Henderson's T-Rex in a BallgownPhoto: Tricera-tophat (by me)

...although I should perhaps have drawn a Monacle-onius.Photo: Mike's Squid and Triceratops in fancy clothesPhoto: Random Friend's Cephalopod BallPhoto: Juliet's Octopus in a dress and T-Rex with a canePhoto: Amelia's T-Rex in a gown, the Countess Davina De'CallPhoto: "Me"'s Octopus in shirt and trousersPhoto: Lizzie's Octopus in a top hatPhoto: T Morris's Squid with champagne flutePhoto: James's Squid and T-Rex arguing bow-tie technique.Photo: Charlie's Octopus in a top hat, coloured in by mePhoto: Faith's Cuttlefish in top hat and bow tiePhoto: Suzette's Squid in best dress plus famiyPhoto: Charlie Raspin's Fancy cephalod and Upper-class dinosaurPhoto: Clare's Brontosaurus in a top hatPhoto: David's Triceratops plus monacle