43 Photos - Feb 9, 2009
Photo: Photo #1 : Found
Dover, England
This was my first real experience in England after traveling on a bus, plane, and finally the coach. I remember arriving in Dover (on very little sleep) and suddenly being at a castle, telling myself, "This is it. This is England." It was probably 11 am back home and I could hardly contain my thoughts as my classmates and I raced around snapping pictures. This moment caught my eye and forced me to stop for a moment. I titled it -Found- because I found myself watching the sun next to a castle- not your everyday occurrence.Photo: Photo #2 - Children of the Cane
Anthropology students try to remake a scene from Children of the Corn by posing in the sugar cane fields in Barbados- trying to relieve some home sickness with a little piece of Iowa.Photo: Photo #3 - Tori Gates
Kyoto, Japan 
Tori gates are entrances to sacred Japanese Shinto shrines; this particular area was a long circular path that was full of these sacred toris.  It was designed this way to be a meditational path to those that walk it.Photo: Photo #4 - Le premiere fois (The First Time)
Omaha Beach, Normandy
While we were studying WWII, we took a trip to the beaches of Normandy. When I came on this trip I’d never left my home town and I’d set the goal as a child to see the ocean before I died. I realized right before I got off the bus that I was going to finally achieve my goal after 21 years.Photo: Photo #5- A Moment Captured on a Hike
Rural Mongolia
This photograph was taken while I was on a solitary walk while we were staying at a Ger camp nestled in a mountainous region of Mongolia. I had hiked up several “levels” of hills/mountains and was taking a break while looking across a valley through a pine forest. Below are grassy knolls that contained small marmots and across are examples of the levels that I had ascended. While on my walk it had rained and stopped and the sun was attempting to  be seen through the cloud cover . It is a picture that captures a very small portion of a landscape that seems to go on forever and I feel is a good representation of the grass and tree covered mountains found in the small area of Mongolia.Photo: Photo #6- Stroll to the End of the World
Ushuaia, Argentina
I took a three-day trip to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina, while I was studying in the capital of Buenos Aires. I was out for an afternoon stroll and was struck by the pure, unadulterated beauty of the landscape.Photo: Photo #7 - Matterhorn in the Morning
This photo was taken on a trip to Zermatt, a small town in Switzerland.  The town is mainly a hub for tourists who come to ski in the Swiss Alps.  This picture was taken of a very fortunate day because the Matterhorn is not always visible due to clouds and fog.  The Matterhorn is one of the most recognizable mountains in the world.  It is also the inspiration for the shape of the Toblerone candy bar.Photo: Photo #8 - Taj Reflections
Agra, India
I can’t remember if there were signs existing at the Taj Mahal, signaling to “not take pictures.” Even if there were, the reality of the photo-snapping tourism going through the Taj, one could even say that signs are irrelevant. I do remember that this photograph was intentional, in an aesthetically pleasing attempt. The reason that I was feeling particularly conscious while I was taking this photograph, is that fact that there have been so many photographs taken of the Taj Mahal. However, this one I could say is my own, and it may even be different from the rest.Photo: Photo #9 - 
Stuttgart, Germany
Photo from my second weekend in Germany.  City center of Stuttgart in south central  Germany.Photo: Photo #10 - Shipwrecked!
San Salvador, Bahamas
About 100 Haitian refugees piled into this boat to get away from Haiti and start a new life. Unfortunately, they landed on San Salvador, an island of only about 1,000 people, so it was hard to blend in with the local residents. The Haitians had to be deported from the island.Photo: Photo #11 - The Whole Group
New York City
All of the class – 9 of us sitting in front of the Grand Fountain in Central Park. This picture was taken on Broadway’s Dark day when we did some sight seeing through the city with our guide that was provided to us.Photo: Photo #12 - Canoes
Boundary Waters, MN
Two canoes on shore at the Boundary Waters. Late afternoon. Fellow student/photographer crouched on the left.Photo: Photo #13 - Gargoyles
This photograph was taken outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City.  Although the cathedral itself was beautiful, I was drawn to the gargoyles.  Their placement over the mosaic pond as well as the evident exposure to the elements (and birds) shows an interesting balance of art and nature.Photo: Photo #14
Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: Photo #15- Relief of Stress in Pitch
Anthropology students take a tour of Pitch Lake in Trinidad and learn that waking in certain places in the pitch help relieve stress.Photo: Photo #16 - Zen
Kyoto, Japan
Sitting on a wooden deck watching the monks rake the pebbles in the Zen garden is a local and tourist tradition when visiting the old capitol city, were many famous Zen gardens are located.  Watching such an event truly calms the soul and brings one’s self closer to nature.Photo: Photo # 17 - A Birthday to Remember
Paris, France
	When I realized that I would be turning 21 in Paris, I decided that I would have to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower on my birthday. I didn’t consider the fact that I’m scared of heights, but it was well worth it.Photo: Photo #18 - Kobenhavn
This photo was taken on an independent research trip to Copenhagen.  There are many canals around the city.  The brightly colored houses are also common.  This photo was taken in the district of Christianshavn.Photo: Photo #19 - Malayalam Boats
Kerala, India
These were the most beautiful boats I had ever seen, with their names written on the side in Malayalam. Kenda and I were on vacation in Kerala, and we were staying in the backwaters/coastline near Amritapuri. The main avenue of transportation in this area is made possible by boats, canoes, and other mechanisms, with the existing 900 miles passageways of canals. We were traveling by boat for six hours long, in order to reach our next destination: Allepey.Photo: Photo #20 - Pink Backpack Excitement!
La Paz, Honduras
This picture was taken while delivering school supplies to the children who participate in the Honduran branch of Compassion International. We donated a wide variety if supplies and this little girl was THRILLED to receive a new pink backpack. She immediately put it on, walked around to get the feel of it, and refused to take it off for the rest of the day…the simple pleasures of life.Photo: Photo #21 - Friendly Research Assistant
Boundary Waters, MN
This picture was taken while collecting data in a bog located in the middle of the Low Lake in the Boundary Waters this past fall. This beautiful caterpillar provided to be a source of entertainment and a positive atmosphere while working on the class research project.Photo: Photo #22 - The Girls
New York City
All the girls on our trip our all involved in the costumes or in some facet of fashion, so we decided to tour the fabric stores and this is us at Mood Fabrics – where the project runway contestants shop!!!Photo: Photo #23 - Boundary Waters Landscape
Boundary Waters, MN
Looking out at the Boundary Waters during the day. Trees and water.Photo: Photo #24 - Trinidad & BarbadosPhoto: Photo #25 - Oh wie schön
	Bonn, Germany
This photograph was taken at a Kindergarten in Bonn where I completed my internship.  This picture shows the innocence and determination of children as they do what they do best- play.  I like this picture, because Marie-Christin is completely unaware of the world around her.  She is absorbed in creating her train, a new world for her to inhabit for a short while.Photo: Photo #26 - Cobblestone Shadows
Warwick Castle, England
This photograph is from one of my favorite days on the trip. We were 'let loose' at Warwick Castle (though we were given an assignment to complete). We got to climb up to the top of Bear and Clarence towers, experience the dungeon-with actors- and have impromptu sword fights. With such a free environment, I was able to learn about the Earls of Warwick and the history of the castle. I snapped this picture because it encapsulates both medieval history and modern times with the shadows. I also like the idea of the daggers on the door- ominous to say the least!Photo: Photo #27 - St Lucy on Point
A look from the tip of Barbados which is still secluded from the increase of tourism on the island and a count for the some of the natural beauty on the island.Photo: Photo #28 - The Foggy Empire
New York City
Walking along so fast one barely has the time to look up, the fast pace of the city keeps everyone moving.  When one has the time to stop one can see something spectacular.  This is just one of those nights in the big city when you look up you and suddenly realize the immense size of the city.Photo: Photo #29 - La Seine
Paris, France
	This is on Pont Alexandre III. There really are no words for how beautiful the Seine is in person. You can read hundreds of descriptions, but it will never have the same impact.Photo: Photo #30 - Swiss Alps
This picture was taken on a trip to Zermatt, Switzerland.  There is a cable car available for people to take up to the mountains.  This picture of the Swiss Alps was taken from the highest mountain lift in Europe.Photo: Photo #31 - Tulsibag Shopping Center
Pune, India
This picture was taken in Tulsibag, one of the most popular shopping complexes in Pune. I amost didn’t take this picture, so I could say that it took a lot of courage to stand there and do it. If you look at the people around, it really gives you a clue about their emotions, and the relationships that they have with the people surrounding. This man was on wheels, picking up the bowl that he used to collect donations.Photo: Photo #32- One room school house
La Canada, Honduras
This picture was taken while delivering school supplies to the children of a tiny village in Honduras. The students (grades K-6) all learn in a small one room school house. The photograph is of all the students as well as the three Cornell students. While handing out notebooks and pencils they excitedly sang a song about caramel and chocolate.Photo: Photo #33 - The Whole Class
New York City
This picture was taken with drag Queen Joey Arias; we saw her show at midnight and had a blast. It was full of laughter and craziness. It was the first time most of us got to see a Drag Queen. She is also very famous; she has been in a Cirque du Soliel’s show in Vegas and has her name out there.   We were all in awe when we met her.Photo: Photo #34 - Sunset over Boundary Waters
Boundary Waters, MN
Cloudy evening, sun setting just over the tree line in the Boundary Waters.Photo: Photo #35 - Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: Photo # 36- Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: Photo #37- Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: Photo #38 - Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: PHoto #39- Trinidad/BarbadosPhoto: Photo #40 - Merci
Paris, France
This photograph was taken of me as I first saw the Eiffel Tower up close.  I like it, because it is a different perspective of the Eiffel Tower, and I believe it shows its grandeur and beauty.  The photograph also showcases the beauty of the Parisian buildings, and the city of Paris itself.  I called it “Merci” because I somehow made it through almost a week in Paris knowing two French words: Pardon and Merci.Photo: Photo #41 - Watering Hole
This photo was taken at Etosha National Park in Namibia of a watering hole.Photo: Photo #42 - Tip of the World
South Africa
This photo was taken at Cape Point, the southern most part of Africa.Photo: Photo #43 - Hope and Fear
Windhoek, Namibia
This photo was taken at Hopes Initiative during the soup kitchen time where over 200 children are fed everyday. It is located in the informal settlements of Windhoek the capital city of Namibia.