69 Photos - Jul 20, 2012
Photo: I present to you: the GomTV studio!Photo: I came there a little earlyPhoto: Photo: Photo: DRG <3Photo: Tastosis waterin'Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Me getting pizza on streamPhoto: Yongsan station/electronic mart. On the 9th floor you find the eSports stadium!Photo: Yup, this is the placePhoto: Photo: These four guys are TeamLiquid membersPhoto: GodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "And then I told them that I won't make it to the OSL finals this year"Photo: Photo: Coaches gonna coachPhoto: The guy in the middle is the most sexy guy in the worldPhoto: "Who is this creep taking pictures of me?"Photo: Photo: A love storyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: AwwwwPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Found this in the subway station in DeoksoPhoto: OSL RO4: Jangbi vs ZeroPhoto: The eSports stadium was packed, and it was an amazing atmosphere in therePhoto: Photo: Photo: The winnerPhoto: Photo: Moletrap and three other TeamLiquid membersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Naniwa before his match in GSL code S ro8 against DRG. Have no idea why the picture is mirroredPhoto: Photo: Photo: John the TranslatorPhoto: Photo: Photo: Juliette on TeamLiquid told me to write "Juliette #1" on a sign, so I did. I see now that I forgot the i.Photo: Photo: Me doing the heelclash in the background after the matchesPhoto: Me and TastosisPhoto: Photo: Photo: Me and DRGPhoto: This is Cafe Id, the practice house of the Korean fighting game team Cafe Id. It costs 10000 won(about 10 USD) to enter, and then you can sleep there, shower, eat food, and drink all the coffee and alcohol that you want. What a deal!Photo: When I first came there they had a Soul Calibur tournament.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Look at all the nerds!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: