43 Photos - Apr 28, 2013
Photo: Kickoff event on Friday! Welcome to the hackathon!Photo: Sustainable John affixes his headband... it's time to hack!Photo: Around 40 people attended the kickoff!Photo: Melissa Summers, Program Manager of Carbon Cycle 2.0 at LBNL.Photo: Jolie Chan and Peter Minor of CITRISPhoto: Grace Hsu, Co-President of BERC speaks!Photo: Blake Burris of The Cleanweb InitiativePhoto: Photo: Nelson Mitchell of PG&E speaks on Home and Business Area NetworkingPhoto: Chris Tumpach of Rainforest Automation joins in low-carbon style via SkypePhoto: Jolie Chan of CITRIS, Lauren Mattern of SFMTA, and Melissa Summers of LBNLPhoto: PBR, pizza...you know the drill.Photo: Hackers mingle at the kickoffPhoto: Sustainable John joined by Blake Burris and Chris George of the Cleanweb InitiativePhoto: Vish Ganti of LBNL speaks on the Open Smart Energy GatewayPhoto: Nate Ota of Radio ThermostatPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Team "Friends on the go" hard at workPhoto: Team "Thermostatly" hacking it upPhoto: WattTime reducing tons with zeros and ones...Photo: Late afternoon hacking break on the balconyPhoto: Team "EV Route" taking a breakPhoto: Nice views from CITRIS...Photo: Late night hacking and EV Route is still happyPhoto: More pizza...more hacking...Photo: Seriously, these folks have some hacking stamina!Photo: Aaaand that's a wrap (hack)!Photo: Sweet Python scripts from EV RoutePhoto: Ken from LBL explains about how to get from Berkeley to LA in a Leaf... the charging stations are not optimally located but you'll get there!Photo: Thermostatly... is the name a joke? Well the app sure ain't!Photo: Photo: Awesome twitter mashup to control your thermostat with hashtags.Photo: wattTime presentsPhoto: The electricity in Washington is green right now.Photo: Green Button Grade presents.Photo: Alex from Enervee provides some judges' comments after the hackathon.Photo: Best Transport App - Friends on Go. Certificate presented by CITRIS' Jolie ChanPhoto: wattTime hackers with their $500 prize for best use of Green Button dataPhoto: Thermostatly. Best overall app and best smart home app. They take home $1500 and a photobomb from JulianPhoto: Team Green Button Grade hanging out post contest.Photo: Ken from EV Route flying solo while his teammate was flying on a hang glider!