51 Photos - Mar 12, 2008
Photo: The Satilla River. The Great Satilla Preserve has over five miles of frontage here.Photo: The EntrancePhoto: Location Map. This map shows the proximity of The Great Satilla Preserve to the beaches of The Golden Isles. The entrance to the Preserve is thirty five miles from the St. SImons Island causeway.Photo: Driving map from Jacksonville Florida or points South. Exit 14 at I-95 (Woodbine,Georgia). Go East to Hwy 17. When you pass over the Satilla River bridge - take your first paved lleft onto Refuge Road. Go five miles to the end of Refuge Road and turn right onto GA 252 (Burnt Ft Road). In 2.5 miles - bear left onto New Post Road. Go six tenths of a mile on New Post Road and turn left onto GA - 259 In 5.5 miles turn left onto Old Merrow Community Road. The entrance to The Great Satilla Preserve is 1.8 miles on your right.Photo: Aerial photo of The Great Satilla Preserve. We can email you a PDF version so that you can see the road system and lot numbers of the development and the location of Blue Landing Preserve and it's common areas.Photo: Blue Landing Preserve - AerialPhoto: Photo: The bar in the LodgePhoto: The Big Satilla RiverPhoto: Lodge FireplacePhoto: Lodge Pool TablePhoto: Lodge dining room tablePhoto: Exposed beam ceiling in the lodgePhoto: The upstairs seating area in the lodge.Photo: "Oxbow" is a term used to desribe the lakes formed when the course of the river has changed over the decades - leaving behind a lake where the river once flowed. These oxbow lakes provide for excellent fishing and hunting areas. Being on or around an oxbow lake you have the feeling of stepping back in time.Photo: The Pool at the LodgePhoto: The exercise cabinPhoto: Inside the exercise cabinPhoto: The horse barnPhoto: Guest cabin number one bedroomPhoto: Guest cabin number one armoirePhoto: Sitting area - guest cabin number onePhoto: Fire pit and cook out area for the use of all owners/membersPhoto: Oyster Roast anyone?Photo: The dark color of the Satilla River's waters comes from tannic acid released by decomposing vegetation. The wetlands systems along the banks of the Satilla are extensive and play a big part in the filtration of water resources for Georgia.Photo: Photo: Photo: The upland areas adjacent to the river systems have some of the most magnificent oaks in the State.Photo: Photo: Photo: The shooting range is under constructionPhoto: Shooting range shackPhoto: Shooting range covered benchesPhoto: Pine plantations make up a large part of the upland components of river front land tracts. These pine forests provide for an income stream while serving to clean the atmosphere of pollution.Photo: Photo: Photo: River bottom systems are teeming with hundreds of species of wildlife. Travel in these areas with an experienced guide.Photo: Photo: Photo: A large number of wooden bridges throughout the two thousand main common area are rated to 10,000 pounds.Photo: $200,000 invested in concrete bridges in preparation to manage the 800 +- acres in pine timber. Proceeds from future timber salesPhoto: Blue Landing Preserve access road to the river brings you to .this beachPhoto: Blue Landing Preserve common area.Photo: Boat RampPhoto: An example of one of the many miles of interior roads in The Great Satilla PreservePhoto: One of the creeks within the Great Satilla PreservePhoto: Wooden bridges - rated to 10,000 pounds - serve man.y areas of the common areaPhoto: Satilla river's white sand bars.Photo: Photo: Poolside at the LodgePhoto: