44 Photos - Jul 26, 2006
Photo: Saturday 15th of July from 11pm til 7am 
Going crazy with the camera ....Photo: First to Arrive ! 
Tuesday 4th July 2006Photo: Marco PaulettiPhoto: Hoetchatcha babyPhoto: Hoetchatcha familyPhoto: After a long working day at last foodPhoto: Joanny yes you are a star :)Photo: Costas main organiser for next year in Grece ....
Scared already ?Photo: Stephen tractor super starPhoto: Niall & Zac
Setting up the network for registrationPhoto: Dap & Lorenzo
In a secret place 10 minutes away from the sitePhoto: StephPhoto: Lorenzo setting up my tent 
that I didnt use for the last 7 years (EJC grenoble 1999!)Photo: Thomas Duggan
Owner of the Green GlensPhoto: Guilleme, Lopa & horses :)Photo: Zac & Stephen Brothers & Heroes ! 
they still dont know how to juggle !Photo: Guy & Anne-AghatePhoto: Stephen You Rock !Photo: Harrison KremoPhoto: Kris Kremo & Sergei IgnatovPhoto: Kris Kremo & Sergei IgnatovPhoto: Kris Kremo & Dap & Sergei IgnatovPhoto: SergeiPhoto: FalkPhoto: Barry the massacre masterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ultan-Dap-BillPhoto: GarryPhoto: Adam - Millstreet staffPhoto: Riley Superstar !Photo: Costas and his family ....Photo: Photo: Celine & Joanny our great stage managerPhoto: I think you should not eat this anymore !Photo: Lorenzo when will you shave for the gala show ?Photo: Photo: Photo: Cormac Cormac Cormac Cormac!Photo: Dap & CatPhoto: Dap, Guilleme & TonyPhoto: KevinPhoto: The last picturePhoto: Ah no the last picture :)