17 Photos - Nov 18, 2012
Photo: Time to make a list: it's Around the World night and we'll be having Italian food for dinner!Photo: It's a beautiful day for a trip to Walmart for some groceries!Photo: On my way in, I always stop by my favorite section. Look at how colorful everything is! I love that I can pick up some fresh cut flowers here too.Photo: Buitoni's Sweet Italian Sausage Tortellini is on the menu for dinner, and it can be easily found over by the Deli counter. I love how many options there are!Photo: Making my way back to the freezer section, I stopped for a sample at the Demo kiosk. Having a yummy snack while out grocery shopping is so much fun!Photo: She was the kindest and sweetest lady, so I stopped to chat for a bit. Plus, the chicken was just coming out of the oven! Yum.Photo: It's so great getting real-life, practical meal suggestions and then getting to try it out before you take it home to cook it! Chicken breast with Mac N Cheese is a crowd-pleaser anytime!Photo: I also love that they show you exactly what the package looks like and how much it costs. Takes all the guesswork out of it!Photo: So I headed over to the freezer section, and looked for the Tyson Crispier Chicken Breast package. This seemed like a sensible place to look!Photo: Found it! Just as advertised. Can't wait to bring this home for my little family's Around the World night!Photo: On my way over to pick up a box of Cheerios, I was momentarily distracted by a beautiful (and tempting!) display of colorful Christmas candies & gifts.Photo: It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts! What a beautiful package, and a great price to match!Photo: After dragging myself away from the delicious displays of Christmas candies & gifts, I went to find my box of Cheerios. The aisles are always clearly marked, so it was easy to find!Photo: On my way to the checkout stand, this VERY cute jewelry display caught my attention. I wanted to bring one of those delightful princess crowns home SO badly!Photo: Understanding how the layaway process at Walmart works will help me feel more comfortable using the service. This could be dangerous!Photo: The Express Self-Checkout is always the quickest when I'm only buying a few things! It's so convenient!Photo: Checking out is so quick & easy! Which is great, because I'm looking forward to popping these into the oven!

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