66 Photos - Feb 15, 2011
Photo: Beautiful downtown Ushaia, Argentina...the southernmost city on earth--and the port for the antarctic excursion ships. Here was where our adverture began.Photo: Ushuaia-- Benay and "friend"  before our adventure beginsPhoto: We have finally arrived at the Polar Star!Photo: What a wonderful ship for this great trip!Photo: Our ship -- being met by a greeting party!Photo: Photo: Photo: Pinguins are wonderful swimmers, and come to land to mate and bear and care for young.  They can swim many miles, and eat Kril (taken by crew member)Photo: Penguins are white on the chest unless the lay in penguin poop -- like the lad in the middle! Don't know what the guy at the top is yelling about...Photo: the totem pole pinquisPhoto: The black skua birds are making a meal off a pinguin chick which they have just stolen from it's nest -- poor baby!Photo: Not certain what she is looking forPhoto: Running, frolicking, having fun (I guess)Photo: Photo: We are family!Photo: Not sure how the white bird got there to crash the convention -- but there he isPhoto: Photo: Photo: Shall we dance???Photo: "Can I join the parade?"   Gentu pinguin in back joining two chinstrap pinguins for the marchPhoto: A coming out (of the water) [arty for the chinstrap and gentu pinquinPhoto: "Hey...look me over"Photo: Doing the macarena!Photo: What a rock!  My bride will love this! (The males bring the females rocks for their nest -- if they pick the right rock, sometime they get sexual favors -- I am told)Photo: I don't think I am supposed to eat the yellow snow!Photo: Photo: The "protector" pinguinPhoto: Up up and awayPhoto: Just sittin and hatchinPhoto: Research StationPhoto: A landing site for the fearless passengers   (taken by member of crew)Photo: Had to wear our life vests in the zodiacsPhoto: Photo: Mama and chickPhoto: Momma and her eggPhoto: Baby is saying "I'm hungry!"Photo: Mama responds and gives meal to chickPhoto: Photo: Happy Feet!Photo: Pinguin highway (made by the penguins going from their roost to the sea and back)Photo: The black flags mark areas that are "out of bounds" for passengers to walkPhoto: Carrying the flag proudly!Photo: Family portraitPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Croft's at Vardansky basePhoto: Bar at Vardansky base (Ukraine) where they make (and sell) their own vodkaPhoto: Harry and friend...(Harry is the one in the red coat)Photo: We loved this place!Photo: Iceberg changed over time by waterPhoto: Bacarat crystal looking icebergPhoto: WOW!Photo: The zodiac, Polar Star and iceberg.... (taken by member of crew)Photo: Photo: (taken by member of crew)Photo: Photo: 4 Orcas (taken by member of crew)Photo: ContentmentPhoto: We called her the Mermaid Seal!Photo: Ooh this is so good!Photo: Open wide!Photo: 3 Albatross (taken by member of crew)Photo: Photo: A beautiful day aboard ship -- we get a barbeque.  The weather was WONDERFUL! (taken by crew member)Photo: Photo: