147 Photos - Dec 18, 2009
Photo: Benay Croft, trip's official photographerPhoto: JOHN HARDY jeweler - BaliPhoto: John Hardy's new venture (He sold the business) THE BAMBOO SCHOOL, BaliPhoto: The Monkey temple in Bali, Harry & a friend!Photo: Friend TURNS on Harry!!!Photo: Sepilok in Sabah, Sandakan MalaysiaPhoto: Our “home” in SabahPhoto: The Orang feeding platform in SepilokPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Orang jumps to the viewing area!Photo: The Makak monkeys also like to get fed in SepilokPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Proboscis Monkey sanctuary in SandakanPhoto: Silver Langor monkey at LabukPhoto: The BIG NOSED Proboscis Monkey only found in MalaysiaPhoto: Males have big noses, Females have “perky” little nosesPhoto: Palm Oil is made from the red areas in the Palm fruitPhoto: Our home for the Jungle River Cruise in Malaysia on the Kinabatangan RiverPhoto: A Leech at the Jungle Resort we stayed at “on the River”Photo: A Leech just above the sockPhoto: Our fabulous “yacht” for the River Cruise (we went out 2-3 times a day)Photo: A Crock on the river -- they eat the Proboscis Monkeys found in the trees herePhoto: Photo: A Horn Bill high up in a tree on the riverPhoto: Egret in flight!Photo: A Proboscis monkey (female) in the “wild” on the riverPhoto: Photo: Oops -- caught in a compromising position!!Photo: Proboscis Monkey in flight!Photo: They can jump long distances from tree to treePhoto: Horn BillPhoto: Monitor Lizard on the river KinabatanganPhoto: The locals shrimp and fish with these plastic bottles (with string and hook attached)Photo: or a contraption like this to catch shrimpPhoto: The shrimp get in thru this hole on one end, and can't figure the way outPhoto: Thailand -- The Bridge Over the River KwaiPhoto: Harry on the BridgePhoto: This local food market is outside of Kanachanaburi, Thailand.  There are hundreds of vendors.  The market is built around the railroad tracks seen here....Photo: Every two hours the train comes thru, and the stalls are rearranged!Photo: Benay with a SNOW LEOPARD in town (Thailand)Photo: The monkey school on the River Kwai....Photo: to harvest the coconuts....Monkeys can pick 800 to humans 200!!!Photo: Monkeys are taught to aid the local farmers...Photo: Photo: The TIGER TEMPLE in Kanachanaburi, Thailand is run by about 17 monks, who depend on local “offerings” of food to eat one meal a day (breakfast).  They walk in a line and receive the food...Photo: We were told they love food from 7-11 (stores found all over Asia), and we bought milk and chocolate mild and candy for the monks!Photo: The steps to the Tiger Temple....Photo: The monks eat first.  The TV is a closed circuit network.  The guy on TV is the head Abbot of Thailand.Photo: After the monks eat, the rest of the “offering” is given to visitors and helpers at the templePhoto: There are 47 tigers at the temple.  Most raised as infants.  They are fed milk (as babies), and cooked chiken as adults.  The do not recognize the smell of blood, and do not come after humans!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: After the humans eat, we are allowed to “walk” the tigers!Photo: Then we “play” with themPhoto: They “play” like pet dogs mightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Then we get to “bathe” themPhoto: And then we “feed” them cooked chicken which they take from our hands!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The male tigers “mark” their territory!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: In the afternoons, after playing, bathing and  eating, the tigers SLEEP in the afternoons.  They are, in the wild, nocturnal hunters, and usually sleep in the afternoons.Photo: At the temple are found a variety of species of animals, including this camel....Photo: About an hour from the temple we got to “bathe” the elephants.  This begins with a (bareback) ride to the river....Photo: Followed by the elephants “spraying” the ridersPhoto: But we love them anyhow....Photo: Then they “spray us again!”Photo: Then it was off to Singapore to the BEST ZOO IN THE WORLDPhoto: To make American visitors feel at home at the ZOO!  They also have KFC there!Photo: Our wonderful Zoo guide, Julie Chow!Photo: The Orangutan Resturant (where you have “breakfast with the Orangs” is named Ah Meng, for the first Orang at the Zoo (of the same name)Photo: You can see the Orang viewing platform at the back of the picture.  There is no barrier between the patrons and the OrangsPhoto: Here is the viewing platform.  We sat the table seen here!Photo: Us and the Orangs....Photo: Photo: WE ARE THE ONES IN THE SHIRTS!!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Needs to see the DENTIST!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: bENAY ATTRACTS A “WALKING STICK”Photo: And a Python!Video: Photo: Back to the Proboscis monkey (in the Zoo).  They call them “Dutchmen” because they have long noses and big stomachs...Photo: They look like they are wearing men's briefs!Photo: Photo: Female --- perky nose....Photo: Male ---- BIGGGGG NOSE!!!!!Photo: a BAT and a slothPhoto: A milipedePhoto: Photo: The gorilla has a stick which he dips into milk and honey (found inside the rock he is sitting on)Photo: Photo: Benay feeds her friend, the white RhinoPhoto: Photo: We tried to dress up like the elephants (no, it was drizzling that day)Photo: The elephants put on a show, putting the hat on the handler's head!Photo: Photo: One of several white tigers at the zooPhoto: Photo: A garPhoto: Female babboons in heat (the one's with the large bums)Photo: Photo: Male looks ready for something!Photo: The females protect their babiesPhoto: Photo: A polar bearPhoto: There is also a night safari next to the zooPhoto: