7 Photos - Sep 10, 2013
Photo: I am really enjoying Lightroom. Less than ten minutes, probably not much more than five, goes from four separate exposures, to this. This much color in an HDR is more than I usually do, but something about the rainbow of color in the clouds, windows, and graffiti made me stick with color instead of B&W.

This is obviously the Van Antwerp building in downtown Mobile, near the Renaissance Hotel. You can see the lull in the bottom, they are dismantling the fire escape, hopefully not much else. Eventually they dragged a Toro miniature forklift through the doorway, that is what the lull is craning in the photo. I thought leaving the lull in would look neat, as those stairs probably won't be there by the end of the week...Photo: The other shot from the other night. Not 100% satisfied with this edit yet. It looks much better in a much larger resolution, I guess there is too much variance in tone for a small image...Photo: A photo I took tonight on a bike ride. A lamp on Moulton Tower on campus. I really liked the glass and the light it cast on the tower. An HDR from four exposures, sent to Photoshop HDR Pro from Lightroom, and all edits made in Lightroom.Photo: Flags at the Renaissance Hotel.Photo: Clock near Renaissance Hotel.Photo: Photo: Inside the Renaissance Hotel.