44 Photos - Mar 29, 2015
Photo: A bus ride, a flight, a day and a ferry later, we are driving along coastal UruguayPhoto: Accidental tour of Montevideo was pretty and besides, we missed this on the return trip.Photo: Finally found Casa Zinc, owner hosted and so very sweet!Photo: Our Casa Zinc room was full of natural lightPhoto: I loved the old/new French style of Casa Zinc!Photo: Courtyard at Casa ZincPhoto: Montoya Beach, Uruguay - we practiced being lazyPhoto: Settled in for hours of sun and relaxationPhoto: Lifeguard station at Playa MontoyaPhoto: The next day Dan's iPhone GPS guided us to the Naturalists BeachPhoto: Found it! Nope, no more photos from this beach.Photo: Later we moved to Punta del Este Playa #4, a totally different scene!Photo: Hats, dresses, sunglasses and ice cream for sale!Photo: Everybody was equipped for thier Mate breaksPhoto: Back to romantic Casa Zinc!Photo: Final stop: Buenos Aires. A street performer is in the middle of the intersectionPhoto: There's some pretty nice graffiti in the Palermo districtPhoto: Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires -- if you can't beat the grafitti artists, join them!Photo: Dan is making a scene as we explore the neighborhood.Photo: We took the Subte (subway) to El Centro. Buenos Aires Cathedral was too big to capture!Photo: Here lies the famous General San MartinPhoto: Tomb in the cathedralPhoto: Plaza de MayoPhoto: Plaza de Mayo - imagine the Perons on that balcony below the flagPhoto: Fashionable families at Plaza de MayoPhoto: El papa and his Mate cupPhoto: Teatro Colon, the opera housePhoto: El Obolisco and Liz with tell-tale shopping bag.Photo: Good to know!Photo: We attended a Tango Spectaculo on our last nightPhoto: Dan was impressed with these classic old porcelain urinalsPhoto: Deco style -- a few bulbs out!Photo: Ornate architecturePhoto: Cafe of poets, princes and politicians now brings in tourists doing selfies.Photo: Dan captures a pair in the actPhoto: For our final night's Tango show, we got the VIP treatmentPhoto: On our last day we explored our funky and hip Palermo districtPhoto: Seen on our Palermo strollPhoto: We visited the Botanical Gardens whiling away the time before our redeye homePhoto: Feline residentPhoto: Botanical Garden scuplturePhoto: Botanical Gardens greenhousePhoto: The shrub used for Mate tea sharing and communion (sold in the local Safeway!)Photo: Say farewell to South America!