50 Photos - Mar 29, 2015
Photo: Day 8, Dan and I are on our own crossing by bus from Chile to ArgentinaPhoto: Stop at the frontier before driving many miles across Patagonian pampasPhoto: Have a great trip! (Seen from the bus window)Photo: Hotel Blanca Patagonia in El Calafate -- very warm weather here!Photo: Evening stroll in El Calafate reveals a sunset pavillionPhoto: It's good to be just the two of us againPhoto: Late summer bloomsPhoto: We booked a tour to Los Glaciares National Park. Caught this at a vista point on the way.Photo: Another boat ride took us to the foot of Perito Moreno glacierPhoto: Granite formations line a western lobe of Lago ArgentinoPhoto: Zoomed in detail of the glacial wallPhoto: After the boat ride, we get different perspectives from the overlook walkwaysPhoto: Perito Moreno in all its gloryPhoto: This vast glacier is deep and widePhoto: A long wall of ice that isn't shrinking -- so far!Photo: Perito Moreno birthed an iceburg from below as we watchedPhoto: Autumn is on its way in Los Glaciares National ParkPhoto: Lago Argentino, a study in bluePhoto: Liz took over 1,000 photos during this 3-week vacation!Photo: We hiked around El Calafate's Laguna Nimez, a wetlands preserve on the edge of townPhoto: Wonderous wetland grasses (flamingos in the lagoon)Photo: Flamingos!Photo: Lago Argentino from the Laguna Nimez miradorPhoto: Lagun Nivel, El CalafatePhoto: We took a late afternoon jeep tour of an Estancia (ranch) outside El CalafatePhoto: Our guide for the Estancia tour is in red - never caught his name!Photo: Cattle eventually replaced sheep as the Estancia livestockPhoto: Guanacos grazed outside as our guide served wine, cheese and a hot meal in a ranchouse.Photo: We took a very comfy 5-hour bus ride from El Calafate to El ChaltenPhoto: A growing tourist destination (food, rooms and laundromats and not much more!)Photo: Small town, small pharmacy!Photo: Sunrise over El ChaltenPhoto: Sunrise over El ChaltenPhoto: Dan leads the way on our 13-mile round trip to Lago TorrePhoto: Shoreline at Lago Torre with Glaciar Grande in the distancePhoto: Yes, we drank straight from the glacial melt creeks!Photo: Everybody's favorite post-hike hangout was La Cerveceria, a microbrewery!Photo: We hired a taxi to take us north to the El Pilar trailhead where this was shot.Photo: Trailside wildlife greeted us as we began our hike to view Cerro Fitz RoyPhoto: Piedra Blanca's hanging glaciers, as seen across the valley from our trailPhoto: Our vista point is up a steep stony trail on the right. Very crowded hiking there!Photo: Lago de los Tres - Cerro FItz Roy is hiding in the clouds. Of course, it's Patagonia!Photo: Brrr! We didn't stay long at Laguna de Los Tres.Photo: Another rainbow! Makes up for the harder hike than yesterday.Photo: Lunch break in the enchanted forestPhoto: Crossing a grassy meadowPhoto: Dan catches a final shot of the mountainscapePhoto: This is what Dan saw (Fitz Roy  never showed its face)Photo: Looking north east at Rio de las Vueltas - The River of TurnsPhoto: Farewell to Hotel Sendero in El Chalten (apparently, a baby boomer favorite!)