32 Photos - Mar 29, 2015
Photo: View from the Refugio Grey picture windowPhoto: Day 5, we hitch a ride to La Isla and its great viewsPhoto: Lisa captured shots with several camerasPhoto: Portrait of KarenPhoto: Dan watches for ice falling from Glacier GreyPhoto: An iceburg born from Glacier GreyPhoto: Canyon walls polished by the glacierPhoto: LayersPhoto: The east lobe of Glacier GreyPhoto: Portrait of KrisPhoto: View from La IslaPhoto: Rashmi and Dan in quiet reflectionPhoto: Boating back, we see some of what is filling Grey LakePhoto: Dan and I hiked to this Mirador after the boat tripPhoto: Thanks Jaimie, for preventing a selfie!Photo: Day 6, we're gonna walk on a glacier! The trail to get there was a challenge.Photo: Glacier scene on the hikePhoto: Trail marker shows we're almost there.Photo: Gearing up in crampons and body harnesses, plus an ice ax and a helmetPhoto: After a lesson in using the gear, we climb the steep ice to find better footing.Photo: Liz is relieved: "magic feet" don't slip on the ice!Photo: Jane gets help stepping over a deep crevassePhoto: Portrait of JanePhoto: Don't fall in!Photo: Rashmi, Jane, Jamie and Judy make their way across Grey GlacierPhoto: Ready to load my backpack one last time.Photo: On Day 7, our ferry provided a tour of the west lobe of Glacier GreyPhoto: Grey Glacier from the ferryPhoto: Grey Glacier from the ferryPhoto: Grey Glacier from the ferryPhoto: Iceburgs on Glacier Grey below the back side of Los CuernosPhoto: View from our Puerto Natales room on the last night with Zephur Adventures