73 Photos - Mar 29, 2015
Photo: We met our group at the Magellan Straits, seen from Hotel Cabo de Hornos in Punta Arenas.Photo: We had a break from the van next to a farm on the Patagonian Pampas (steppes)Photo: Roberto our local guide, brought us to a fantastic lunch restaurant.Photo: We met assistant guide Rafael (aka Rafa) who lives in Puerto Natales. Kris was our US guide.Photo: Note the GPS position, way south!Photo: After lunch we strolled the Puerto Natales shorelinePhoto: Dan admired this colorful home in Puerto NatalesPhoto: We drove north through the pampas to Puerto NatalesPhoto: A guanaco greeted us at the gates Parque Nacional Torres Del PainePhoto: We stayed our first two nights in the comfort of Hotel Torres del PainePhoto: Day 1: Zephyr trekkers in Chilean PategoniaPhoto: We head up the creek in Valle AscencioPhoto: Roberto leads us across a typical trekker bridgePhoto: Dan is feeling good on Day 1 of our trekPhoto: Liz brought one hiking stick in case of foot issues -- that never appeared!Photo: Las Torres! Today's round trip was 8 hours, 12 miles, and 820 meters climbedPhoto: Roberto admires the spiresPhoto: Ever changing light keeps the view captivating!Photo: Fellow trekker and triathlete Diane was my favoritePhoto: Dan layers up for a picnic at the base of Las TorresPhoto: Towers of PowerPhoto: Lichen on stones piled up by the passing glacierPhoto: Looking back down the glacial valley on our returnPhoto: The glacier and rainfall created a dragon backPhoto: Day 2, Zephyr Trekkers start a 4-hour hike to (expected to be crowded) Los Cuernos RefugioPhoto: Portrait of Jaimie, Dan's favoritePhoto: We pause for a break on a little bay off Lake NordenskjoldPhoto: Our group totaled 19Photo: Diane tries a boxed lunch sandwichPhoto: Portrait of TimPhoto: Portrait of RobertoPhoto: Portrait of JudyPhoto: Roberto hams it upPhoto: Guide Kris "Lucky" Keys captures the momentPhoto: The sun came out! Everyone except the guides is here.Photo: First sight of Los Cuernos, The HornsPhoto: Dan on the last leg to Refugio Los CuernosPhoto: Placid Lake Nordenskjold BEFORE the wind came upPhoto: A dramatic approach to Los Cuernos Refugio from the eastPhoto: Pretty scenery and mountainscapes all along the trailPhoto: Testing wind force. Kris later got picked up and thrown by it, injuring her wrist.Photo: The wind began to toss the lake's surface into sheets of rainPhoto: Zephyr trekkers celebrate the day's hike at Refugio Los CuernosPhoto: The rising wind doesn't affect Happy Hour!Photo: What's so funny? Michelle's tiny camp towel kept her backpack weight down.Photo: Day 3 reward after overnight rain pattered on our 8--person dome tentPhoto: Wet crossing on a damp morning's hikePhoto: Entering Valley of the Frenchman, which is lined with glaciersPhoto: Triumph on a 13-mile day when Dan was a bit under the weather (literally here)Photo: Heather and I saw this large hare on the trail to Refugio Paine GrandePhoto: Looking back along the trail exiting French ValleyPhoto: On the shores of Lake Pehoe we see how a fire in 2011 burned the trees.Photo: Dan and hikers hike through grassland towards Paine Grande LodgePhoto: Colorful grasses thrived in the 2011 fire's aftermathPhoto: At last! But the lodge and campground are still so far away!Photo: Sunset at Paine Grande RefugioPhoto: Day 4, we trek away from Lago Pehoe on the trail to Lago GreyPhoto: The gals are ready! Heather, Jane, Lisa, Michelle, Judy and KarenPhoto: Critz leads the charge up another glacier-carved canyonPhoto: Capturing the goldPhoto: Last night's precipitation created a crystal palace!Photo: First glimpse of Lago GreyPhoto: Looking the other way, first glimpse of Glacier GrayPhoto: Ever changing, ever gorgeous mountainscapePhoto: Dan poses in front of Glacier GreyPhoto: Liz and Kris keep out of the wind on a Gray Lake overlookPhoto: Michele, Diane and Pam try not to shiver while listening to the guidePhoto: TimPhoto: FrostingPhoto: Lago Grey through the burnt treesPhoto: Digitalis in bloomPhoto: Digitalis!Photo: Refugio Grey