40 Photos - Feb 16, 2009
Photo: ProgrammePhoto: Lottie and the Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre. The sudden widespread snowstorm reduced attendance at the PV.Photo: A sticker artist with a gift for his little sisterPhoto: Sticker Art sign by FelixPhoto: large turtle sculpturePhoto: Mary making long thingsPhoto: Flag and windmillPhoto: bird and boxPhoto: making a yellow spiderPhoto: a useful boxPhoto: older children's playgroup with leaderPhoto: playgroup and on-roll stickersPhoto: a winged insectPhoto: decorated boxes were popularPhoto: starting a large projectPhoto: what I madePhoto: decorative boxPhoto: a rocket?Photo: A sticker mosaicPhoto: Photo: a happy boy with his rocketPhoto: cooperative play - Dog HotelPhoto: a small sticker personPhoto: Mary illustrating paradoxes of identification of wastePhoto: Sticker Art in Art Gallery context illustrating the messPhoto: dolls house on a vitrinePhoto: satisfied sticker artistsPhoto: satisfied sticker artistsPhoto: satisfied sticker artistsPhoto: satisfied sticker artistsPhoto: littl'uns playgroup waiting to leave with their sticker art objectsPhoto: a snakePhoto: Photo: a shark and a spiderPhoto: shark and spiderPhoto: Steve and Lottie mounting her workPhoto: Lottie Eve and Wendy Freeman at the Stratford PVPhoto: My "Fearful Symmetry II" exhibition at The Gallery, Stratford upon Avon, 8th February 2009, with Lottie's objet in foregroundPhoto: PV at The Gallery with Fearful Symmetry II and Charlotte Eve's objetPhoto: some of Lottie's papier mache objet