7 Photos - Nov 11, 2012
Photo: This is my WP-config file with setting put in as advised in tutorial. I did experiment with changing the username and password to my online one but that didn't work.Photo: Here is my local copy of MAMP PHPmyadmin showing my database on the left and imported database files.Photo: This is what I get when I type URL: http://mywebsitedev.co.uk 
If I click on httpdocs (where my WP install is I get to see my logo from WP and in html, the map of my site with titles of pages etc. But I cn'at see anymore and no visual version of my site.Photo: This shows what I get when I type http://mywebsitedev.co.uk/wp-admin where I should be able to access my dashboardPhoto: This is the wp-admin/install file. It appears to be saying my PHP is not installed. I see it installed though. I have no clue what to do.Photo: So I managed to log into Wp-admin but this is my dashboard. If you view the website meanwhile you can see (go to next image)Photo: This is my local website. The top bit is normal and drops down options but as you can see, no themes are loading or plugins or anything. Any thoughts?