157 Photos - Sep 5, 2013
Photo: Driveway camping at Melinda'sPhoto: Photo: Nevada State SignPhoto: Reno welcomes those from Burning ManPhoto: Alex and StriderPhoto: Alex and Melinda with ChickenPhoto: Afterburners at Sierra Hot SpringsPhoto: Sierra Hot SpringsPhoto: Lots of people here after Burning Man ... afterburnersPhoto: Sierra ValleyPhoto: Walking back from 'afterburn' - the least dusty RV we sawPhoto: Sierra ValleyPhoto: Big Valley!  By Sierra Hot SpringsPhoto: By Sierra Hot SpringsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: GusPhoto: Melinda and her HerdPhoto: Photo: JoeyPhoto: JoeyPhoto: Melinda and JoeyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Seed throw gardenPhoto: Sunflower Farm with Sierra Nevada in background - rV at leftPhoto: Photo: Photo: Big Boy by the Big MountainsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A tight turnaround, but we made it.  Bye ByePhoto: Photo: Overnight stay at High Desert RV in Winnemucca, NVPhoto: California Trail Interpretive CenterPhoto: California Trail CenterPhoto: California Trail Center near Elko, NVPhoto: Wagons in front of the California Trail CenterPhoto: California Trail Interpretive Center.  Seeing the ElephantPhoto: Looking out the windowPhoto: California Trail CenterPhoto: Vivid exhibits about the hardship of being an overlander in America 1840sPhoto: Nevada landscapePhoto: Utah state signPhoto: Salt FlatsPhoto: Family and Friends who learn computers together ...Photo: Rest area night in Echo CanyonPhoto: Windmills up close and personalPhoto: Echo Canyon - just east of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We slept in rest area here.Photo: Wyoming state sign in the rainPhoto: Long straight roads in the westPhoto: Continental Divide in WyomingPhoto: So much breathing space in Wyoming!Photo: More long straight roads in WyomingPhoto: Nebraska State SignPhoto: Golden fields of NebraskaPhoto: Howl at the moon Nebraska!Photo: The obligatory Walmart stay ... gotta get groceries!Photo: Photo: Nice walk from Walmart to Cabela's in Sydney, NebraskaPhoto: Saw this sign a lot!Photo: Loved seeing those cell towers!Photo: Nebraska museum of the westward trails.  Lincoln HighwayPhoto: Midwest is mostly a blur!Photo: Nebraska Rest areaPhoto: Thank you Mr. Eisenhower!Photo: Missouri RiverPhoto: Iowa state signPhoto: Missouri State SignPhoto: Sharps RV park in St. Joseph's MissouriPhoto: Missouri RoadsPhoto: Mississippi RiverPhoto: Illinois state signPhoto: Photo: View from our cabPhoto: Indiana state signPhoto: Rest area campingPhoto: Indiana - more corn fields!Photo: 3.75 was a great price for this month.  But, read the fine print "Tax Exempt Trucks" Our price was 4.02!Photo: Sunset on the prairiesPhoto: When you're getting blurry - it's time to stop!Photo: Sunrise in IndianapolisPhoto: Ohio State signPhoto: Ohio looking awfully hazyPhoto: Proof that I drove!Photo: West Virginia state signPhoto: Pennsylvania State SignPhoto: Smile, you're in Pennsylvania!  We do as we're told.Photo: Mount Morris RV Park in Southern PennsylvaniaPhoto: Western PennsylvaniaPhoto: Maryland state signPhoto: Eastern Continental Divide - 2610 feetPhoto: Photo: Me and my iPad Mini at my desk all week!Photo: Coming into D.C. first really bad weather all weekPhoto: Virginia state signPhoto: Old Alexandria high-rent districtPhoto: Photo: On our Potomac River boat ride to Mt. VernonPhoto: Photo: Photo: At Mt. VernonPhoto: Re=enacters need technology too!Photo: At Mt. VernonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jim practicing setting up a Google+ Hangout ... on the Potomac River at Mt. Vernon!Photo: Photo: Photo: Fort Washington on our Potomac River boat ride to Mt. VernonPhoto: Photo: Elks Lodge in Alexandria, VAPhoto: Our parking spot at the Elks lodgePhoto: Hugs all aroundPhoto: Family gathersPhoto: Family gathersPhoto: It was a rainy morning at Arlington National CemeteryPhoto: Quite a turnout for Jim Sr's Inurnement at ArlingtonPhoto: Arlington guardPhoto: Gathering for the services at ArlingtonPhoto: Scott, the professional videographer, and Jim using his computer to broadcast a Google HangoutPhoto: The firing party gives a gun salutePhoto: Firing partyPhoto: Jim's Dad, being inurned at Arlington National CemeteryPhoto: Walking to the gravesitePhoto: This is Jim's Mom's headstone, James Sr.'s name will be engraved on the opposite sidePhoto: Jim and his sister, DebbiePhoto: Family came from New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, and MassachusettsPhoto: Scott, the videographerPhoto: The headstone, James Guld, Sr. will be engraved on the opposite sidePhoto: Photo: The family processionPhoto: A meaningful sightPhoto: Colors are just starting to turn at ArlingtonPhoto: Presenting our Cloud Computing Seminar at Sun City Hilton Head Computer ClubPhoto: Presenting our Cloud Computing Seminar at Sun City Hilton Head Computer ClubPhoto: Our hands-on Android class in Sun City Computer Club's labPhoto: We make people pair up for our hands-on Android classPhoto: Teaching Facetime in our iPhone/iPad class at Sun City Hilton HeadPhoto: Students in our Smartphone/Tablet class filling out their workbooksPhoto: Catherine assisting in our classes at Sun City Hilton HeadPhoto: Our workbooks really helped facilitate our smartphone classPhoto: Darn kids and their smartphones! :-)Photo: We presented another Cloud Computing seminar on the Island.Photo: Getting ready to teach Cloud Computing at Hilton Head Island Computer ClubPhoto: Leaving the Sun City RV parking areaPhoto: Georgia State SignPhoto: Florida State Sign.  We slept at the Welcome Center.Photo: Yep, we're in Florida!