181 Photos - Jul 11, 2012
Photo: X-CON Reunion 2012Photo: The online invitation, by http://youradminpro.com/Photo: I (Joe Orost) ran into Yuk-Ming at a restaurant in Freehold, before the reunionPhoto: Yuk-Ming and Grace LamPhoto: Al, Joe, Larry - out at Bahrs before going to check out Donnovans - the night before the reunionPhoto: Al Siano & Marilyn PattersonPhoto: Photo: Setting up: Larry Hyde, Brian Mecca, Al SianoPhoto: Les Stevens, Don RectorPhoto: Interdata System Test Set 3-993Photo: Interdata Model Five - front panelPhoto: System card from 1973Photo: Will EtzPhoto: Will Etz, Neil BrutmanPhoto: Will Etz (Ph: Al Siano)Photo: Display posters from days of yorePhoto: Posters - #2Photo: The building is the first location of Interdata on Lewis St, Eatontown, NJPhoto: Sam Elsamman, Will Etz, Larry Hyde, Joe Orost, Neil BrutmanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Getting ready to ROCK!Photo: Reunion jam bandPhoto: Photo: Sam rocks! (Ph: Al Siano)Photo: Yuk-Ming LamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Linda PattersonPhoto: Joanne Rossano, Barbara BuerklePhoto: Sal & Maeve Alini, John TetiPhoto: Yuk (another) Ming! :-)Photo: Photo: Joanne RossanoPhoto: Jeff JonasPhoto: Wendy Hudson, Neil Brutman, Sam ElsammanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Chuck PayettePhoto: Liz Johnson-Lynch, Marilyn PattersonPhoto: Photo: Rick & Suzanne PeeblesPhoto: Rick & Suzanne PeeblesPhoto: Lee Brueni, Hon Vuong, Al SianoPhoto: Dick Vivian showing off his original Interdata Cultural Society drinking pitcherPhoto: Chuck Payette, Kathy MoorePhoto: Kathy Moore, Joe OrostPhoto: Kathy Moore, Joe OrostPhoto: Bruce GayliardPhoto: Neil Brutman, Yuk-Ming LamPhoto: Kelly Ryan, our contact at Donovan'sPhoto: John Teti, Tim MoorePhoto: Alan Schwenck, Marge SinilnikoffPhoto: Ed Wilkens, Rick Peebles, Neil Brutman, Bruce GayliardPhoto: Ed Wilkens, Mark Bueide, Sam ElsammanPhoto: Our drummer, late for the gig!Photo: Photo: Vivian OttemanPhoto: Jack Zega, Les StevensPhoto: Linda PattersonPhoto: Grace Carr, Leslie Smith, Tom Dunne, Bill HughesPhoto: Larry Hyde makes the opening remarksPhoto: Photo: Reunion planning committee: Al Siano, Les Stevens, Brian Mecca, Joe Orost,, Don Rector, Larry HydePhoto: Larry hands out the certificates of appreciationPhoto: Joe's is firstPhoto: Certificates of Appreciation to the Reunion CommitteePhoto: Joe Orost, Larry HydePhoto: Jim Bruno says a few wordsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sal Alini says a few wordsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Thank you, Sal!!Photo: Greg Stansfield, Mark Buede, Suzanne Peebles, Wendy HudsonPhoto: Photo: Will Etz, Lee BrueniPhoto: Anne & Jem Tredwell, Liz Johnson-LynchPhoto: Mark Bueide, Chuck PayettePhoto: Ingrid Spears (Lieberman)Photo: Marlene Pickell, Sue Krol, Ed WilkensPhoto: Leslie Smith, Maeve AliniPhoto: Reunion planning committeePhoto: Jane & Dick  :-)Photo: Brian MeccaPhoto: Shastry, Rick PeeblesPhoto: Joe Orost, ShastryPhoto: Yuk-Ming Lam, Neil BrutmanPhoto: Sue Krol, Ed WilkensPhoto: Jewelry made from old Interdata ICsPhoto: IC Ring!Photo: Interdata parts!Photo: Marge shows off her core memory weavePhoto: Bruce explains where he had to park! :-)Photo: Photo: Well, Sal knows him!Photo: Photo: Dick's picks!Photo: Les & Don look over old photos (Ph: Al Siano)Photo: Looking thru old photosPhoto: Looks like John ran out of Drink coupons!Photo: Photo: the Tredwell'sPhoto: Brian MeccaPhoto: Jeff Jonas, Bruce GayliardPhoto: Anne/Jem Treadwell, Rick Peebles, Lee BrueniPhoto: Will Etz, Alan SchwenckPhoto: George Hartigan, Linda PattersonPhoto: Photo: Bill Hudson, Norm Selheim, Wendy Hudson, Ed WilkensPhoto: Marlene Pickell, Al Siano, Joanne Rosano, Ellie HoffmanPhoto: Joe Orost, Marlene PickellPhoto: DittoPhoto: Ellie Hoffman, Al Siano, Marlene Pickell, Joanne RosanoPhoto: ShastryPhoto: Dick Vivian, Sal & Maeve AliniPhoto: Todd Shaner, John TetiPhoto: Kathy Moore, Chuck PayettePhoto: Neil: "Shastry, look over at Joe!"Photo: Neil Brutman, ShastryPhoto: Mark Bueide, Sue KrollPhoto: Sam Elsamman, Wendy HudsonPhoto: CCUR Org Chart, 10/7/88Photo: Neil tells a funny old PE story to SalPhoto: ... and then it happened like this ...Photo: Photo: John Calligan, Sam ElsammanPhoto: Sal Alini, Wendy Hudson, Neil BrutmanPhoto: Jack Zega, Don Rector, John TetiPhoto: Photo: Chuck Payette, Mark BueidePhoto: Beach people!Photo: Drummer Dave’s Mom and sonPhoto: Todd Shaner, Al Siano, Norm SelheimPhoto: The Perkin-Elmer Series 3200Photo: Barbara BuerklePhoto: Another beach personPhoto: Sal explains the proper haircut to move up the management ladderPhoto: Photo: Al sends out an APB to get Bruce a new jobPhoto: Photo: Photo: Don Rector, Jack ZegaPhoto: The beach people have competition!Photo: Easy on the eyesPhoto: "Have you heard my Daddy play?  Rumor has it he's a really good drummer!"Photo: Photo: Neil checks out the dude with the swimmies and the eyes on back dudePhoto: Somebody borrowed my camera and takes a back shotPhoto: Photo: Sample CertificatePhoto: They went thru a lot of Fosters once folks figured out the best way to spend the drink ticket c/o Koko!Photo: Another great blast from the past!Photo: PE 5K Run - 1981Photo: Photo: Don DeckerPhoto: Photo: PE Softball - 1981Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: RIP Dan Sinnott!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: D500 00CF 4300 0080 = 50 SequencePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: