42 Photos - May 1, 2013
Photo: A week in. Still loving it!Photo: The reason it all began. Definitely needed a rethink.Photo: Designing in what was then Google SketchupPhoto: Analysis and logistics - how do I get long planks of wood up (and down if moving out) several stories of apartment building? Elevator vs fire stairs...Photo: More planning - lots of considerations like how to add drawersPhoto: Goal settingPhoto: Location scouting before main purchasePhoto: First procurement, part 1Photo: First procurement, part 2Photo: First procurement, part 3, and planning how to join with dowels and biscuitsPhoto: It's a lot easier to mop up glue when its vertical...Photo: Finally satisfied there are no more glue leaks, laid to dry overnightPhoto: BA3-M/W drawer, four posts and a few railsPhoto: Building router fences is intricatePhoto: Etymotics in-ear headphones work surprisingly well for noise isolation.

Taken by my Dad.Photo: First round at the drawers - knew I wanted to add panels to hide the internalsPhoto: Panel added, testing dimensions in the bedroomPhoto: The three main support chunksPhoto: Paint any internal surfaces before assembly - it would be hard to get into the cracks of such a intricate pieces with a brush after assembly!Photo: Fence to route the edges of the bottom shelf to round them offPhoto: One of the most intricate assemblies I've ever done. Two legs, six rails, the panel and shelf make this 10 joined pieces - about 5 with almost no room for error.

The other side is even more intricate (the left/top most two rails had less freedom to move) and needed some coercion with a mallet to glue togetherPhoto: Testing, always testingPhoto: Chiselling out the front so the original drawer fronts will be approximately in line with the desk legsPhoto: Testing a more complete assembly. The remaining panel slides in from the top.

In this state it still did disassemble, but later on...it turned out that once the rails were painted, the joints held so strongly without glue that I gave up extracting them and they remain unglued today.

Good thing I had all the pieces (especially the shelf) in there!Photo: Testing the full drawers module assembly before painting the railsPhoto: Testing that all four pieces of wood join so that two in a straight line almost look like one continuous piecePhoto: More painting with maple tonePhoto: Full frame assembly!Photo: Tests revealed the apartment floor was off by ~2mm from level...and more planningPhoto: How to attach a top to a frame without screws (and reduce the vertical height of the front supporting rail and top combined) - with a lot of routing and chiselling.

Turns out setting up this fence proved particularly difficult - I ended up using a 4mm thick MDF board (cost $3.50, not shown) since plywood at 6mm was simply too thick and the masking tape/cardboard also tried too thin!Photo: Cutting the leg slots to pin the top in place.

Lots of fence planning made it easy to reposition quickly. Hope the neighbours appreciated how much more quickly I could work with the noisy router + vacuum cleaner was with this setupPhoto: Testing the top fits the framePhoto: Replaced the original drawer fronts with cedar, since I couldn't find reasonably priced timber veneer, much less stick on timber veneer for the original drawers which had a plastic-y feel to them (seemed unlikely paint would go well on them)Photo: Almost final painting!Photo: Add monitors, remove original desk. Bad idea...Photo: Just needs time to dry!Photo: Assembled, feeling awesome!Photo: Designed to be disassembled for transport =)Photo: A reminder how long this is - the back rail shown is over 2.6m long and very close to the ceiling...Photo: Nearly done - moved to its final location!

Also in the bottom right the amethyst I got in QLD visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the fish from a roadhouse on the way to Coober Pedy, a platypus from Melbourne museum, and you can almost see two opal turtles from Lightning Ridge, which are no longer available as the crafter has retiredPhoto: Useful storage - the left bottom shelf can be popped up to get to power, etcPhoto: A week in. Still loving it!