35 Photos - Nov 30, 2014
Photo: Me with the backpackPhoto: My upgraded suite at the Rainbow Hotel in Ueno, TokyoPhoto: Hotel room viewPhoto: Fancy Japanese toiletPhoto: My favorite Japanese sports drinkPhoto: Ueno, TokyoPhoto: Ueno, TokyoPhoto: An outside view of my hotel building (on the left).  Conveniently located right by a McDonald'sPhoto: Photo: Photo: Got an umbrella right away to deal with the rainPhoto: Photo: This line stretched down the block...not sure what it was forPhoto: On the Yamanote linePhoto: Photo: Gamers in AkihabaraPhoto: Gamers in AkihabaraPhoto: Wake Up Girls!Photo: Mario Kart arcade gamePhoto: A game where you shoot these "zombified" pop stars.  I played it, was funPhoto: Beef curry at YoshinoyaPhoto: Awesome looking desserts in hollowed out egg shellsPhoto: Delicious treatsPhoto: I had to get one.  It was pretty good!Photo: Street performer in TokyoPhoto: They actually celebrate Christmas in Japan!  Though I'm not sure it's as crazy as the USAPhoto: One of the new Dreamliner planes.  They are massivePhoto: A delicious snack while waiting to board my flight at NaritaPhoto: Sushizanmai in Ueno, TokyoPhoto: Broiled fatty salmonPhoto: Seared fatty tuna nigiriPhoto: Photo: Deep fried fatty tuna steak - their top recommendation.  It was amazing.Photo: Beerlike beverage?  No thanks...Photo: Sushizanmai