29 Photos - Nov 13, 2013
Photo: September 2013Photo: December 2012Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The flakes looked this little. I always thought it was dry skin. I now don't have these anymore, even if I rub my skin.Photo: showing the bumpy texture, despite the acne not being at it's worst.Photo: My forehead was clear at first and only started to look worse in June.Photo: Parts of my skin started looking yellowish, I also had yeast under my chin close to my neckPhoto: My lips were often affected tooPhoto: my skin felt very dry and "thick"Photo: September 2012Photo: Sept. 2013 different lightPhoto: November 2013 at a clubPhoto: Also November 2013, this shows nicely how much the collagen/ plumpness in my face has restored. Things like low carb and yeast had really deflated me...but this is even better than years ago *shock*Photo: November 2013Photo: November 2013, this cheek definitely took more damage.Photo: cell phone imagePhoto: Cell Phone imagePhoto: Sorry, this is so graphic and gross but I can't show progress if I don't post the bad pics ;)Photo: Photo: Photo: Timeline, sorry I'm missing a few but I hated taking pictures of this.Photo: Photo: Photo: Eww! :P