37 Photos - Jun 24, 2012
Photo: How many scadians does it take to set up a pavilion? Too many.Photo: Oh, shoot!Photo: Relaxed atmospherePhoto: The Crown Prince Looking At FightingPhoto: My Little PonyPhoto: The majestic wave.Photo: The last court.Photo: The baroness of Aarnimetsä looking for...pirates?Photo: The end of a reign is a laughing matter.Photo: A warm and sunny evening for the last court.Photo: Photo: Lord Gergely Rakonsczay gets a Silver Guard for archery.Photo: Photo: Last commands.Photo: Dancing and merriment was had in the long summer night.Photo: Live music!Photo: The coronation procession.Photo: Closer, closer...Photo: Here they are!Photo: The crown prince and princess.Photo: Photo: The PopulacePhoto: The seneschal at...work?Photo: The crowns.Photo: There!Photo: Free at last!Photo: The King and Queen.Photo: The baron and baroness of Aarnimetsä swear fealty (and promise ships at crown expense).Photo: Cheers!Photo: King Paul and Queen Arianhwy.Photo: A...scroll?Photo: Well, at least it won't be easily broken.Photo: The cloak.Photo: Words from Mistress Katheryn.Photo: Lady of the Rose.Photo: Exit, stage left.Photo: The start of a Reign