54 Photos - May 28, 2015
Photo: Walking up the ski slopesPhoto: Christina/Loren Swears on the bowl below Ski Slide 1, 2b and 3.Photo: Photo: Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Nice face climbing.Photo: Kevin with the slide runout and Wilmington in the background. Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Climbing bottom of slide 2b.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kevin playing around on the right side of a small set of overlaps. Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Christina Nash about 200' up 2b.Photo: Hey, I look happy! Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Photo: Photo: Loren working a cruxy area.Photo: Christina on a long section of friction slab, the bottom of Slide 3.Photo: Photo: Photo: DCIM\100GOPROPhoto: 2 Happy Gents. Photo by Christina Nash.Photo: Buttress on slide 2b.Photo: Kevin on a 15 or 20' wall on the buttress in the last photo. Photo by Christina Nash.Photo: Iconic photo about 15' up the buttress. Thanks so much Christina!Photo: Loren/Christina alongside the buttress.Photo: Photo: Looking up slide 3.Photo: Loren following a crack in a step on slide 3.Photo: Photo: Slide 3 getting steeper.Photo: Kevin below a nice friction slab on slide 3. Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Bottom of the crux of Slide 3...technical terrain.Photo: DCIM\100GOPROPhoto: Loren near a small chimney and crack.Photo: Photo: Loren under an overhang below a cliff above the slide.Photo: Kevin traversing below the cliff. Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Our route up the cliff, not necessary but fun!Photo: Wilmington Turn.Photo: Cresting the cliff.Photo: On the arete of Whiteface. Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Coming down Lake Placid Slide.Photo: Photo: Cool area of the slide.Photo: Slide stemming.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo by Loren Swears.Photo: Photo by Loren Swears.