22 Photos - Mar 15, 2015
Photo: Route mosaic.Photo: Pi Day route position on Marcy.Photo: Anthony Seidita in one of the gullies on Mt. Marcy.Photo: Adam Crofoot checking the snowpack.Photo: Anthony at the start of the route.Photo: Photo: Conditions in the same area on December 7, 2014.Photo: Summer/Winter conditions on the Overhang Slide.Photo: Anthony on the glade below the route, Haystack in the background.Photo: Adam and Kevin below the base, Haystack in the background.Photo: Anthony above the first ledge.Photo: Approaching the belay.Photo: Photo: Under the overhang.Photo: Adam leading the route.Photo: Photo: Kevin following, with clouds moving in.Photo: Looking south.Photo: Kevin on belay.Photo: Weather moving into the gorge, goodbye Haystack.Photo: Beaver ponds to the south.Photo: Anthony rappelling to the bottom, start of the route.