29 Photos - Feb 6, 2015
Photo: Khyber's Slide on Lower Wolfjaw: 2011 Summer/2015 Winter comparison.Photo: Looking up the length of Khyber's Slide.Photo: Kevin walking up the runout.Photo: Virgin powder with a few rocks.Photo: Photo: Dual tributaries and powder under foot.Photo: Looking at the 2nd 'step' of the slide on the left.Photo: Photo: Photo: An icy highway to heaven.Photo: Photo: Looking up toward the right-hand tributary and 1st 'step' of the slide.Photo:                                Photo: Quick warm up before the steps.Photo: Photo: Photo: Beginning to climb the 1st 50' step.Photo: Photo: First 'step' of the slide...below the two tributaries.Photo: Top of the 1st step.Photo: 2nd step: about 40' high with sections of 70 degree ice.Photo: Kevin MudRat MacKenzie soloing a 40' pitch of ice.Photo: Exiting 2nd step on the right via a small steep gully.Photo: Loren climbing the top 800' of the slide.Photo: Photo: Top of the slide.Photo: Top of the slide.Photo: Ready to bushwhack.Photo: Loren during the bushwhack to the summit.