62 Photos - Mar 12, 2014
Photo: Beaver Meadow Falls under heavy ice.Photo: NP & Richard in the drainage after about 30 minutes off trail.Photo: White Slide from the confluence of drainages (Beaver Meadow Slide/Beaver Basin).Photo: Photo: Photo: At the confluence with the drainage of the White & Sabretooth slides.Photo: Photo: Photo: Interesting area of the drainage along layered ledges.Photo: Photo: Richard on a section of slab partway to the slides.Photo: Loosely knit area of the bushwhack.Photo: Sabretooth W Slide peeking through the trees.Photo: Drainage from the White Slide at its base.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Doesn't look like much from this perspective!Photo: Richard walking up a section of thin ice on the low-angle base.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking up the dihedral of the 'summer route'.Photo: Sabretooth slide bases in the distance.Photo: NP climbing from the base.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Getting steeper near the left-hand portion; Richard in background.Photo: 350 feet of elevation gain above the base.Photo: Thin snow and a little ice along the edge of the dihedral.Photo: Photo: Photo: Click to add a captionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Traverse across to the north.Photo: View from the other side of the traverse.Photo: Photo: Picking up some elevation.Photo: Traversing up and north.Photo: Photo: Photo: NP setting up an anchor.Photo: Richard testing the ground--no ice was under the snow so we turned back.Photo: NP climbing up the continuation of the center route up the slide after our exploration to the north.Photo: Photo: Photo: Nearing the top of the slide.Photo: Photo:                                Photo: Photo: NP just below the upper dihedral, about 50' below the release point.Photo: Looking across the southern slab.Photo: Giant Mt.Photo: Kevin climbing the last bit of ice...now of the White slide and on the southern edge.Photo: Richard looking up the aforementioned ice climb.Photo: MudRat, NP & Richard on Upper Wolfjaw summit.Photo: Photo: