73 Photos - Nov 24, 2013
Photo: Photo: Far down the runout of Bennies Root Canal.Photo: Getting into some low angle ice.Photo: View up the icy track of the 2011 tributary.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking back toward Johns Brook Valley lit under the soft hues of the low-angled sun.Photo: Scott climbing a chute (in summer) in the slide.Photo: Seasonal comparison near the confluence of the slide tributaries on Bennies Root Canal.Photo: Photo: Heading up the steeper segment.Photo: Photo: Pic by Scott van Laer.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: More tiers of ice.Photo: Kevin nearing the top.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Last view down the slide.Photo: OUR NEXT TARGET: UPPER WOLFJAW'S SKINNY SLIDE. The left-hand side was created in 2011.Photo: Approaching the Skinny Slide...a steeper runout than Bennies.Photo: Stacked boulders begin the fun.Photo: Tiers of ice await. The following few pics are of Scott climbing this area.Photo: More ice on them than the it looks like in the last pic!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Just above the ledges.Photo: Nice run of ice.Photo: Sphagnum moss in ice.Photo: Photo: More low angle ice (say 35 degrees).Photo: Looking at the main slide.Photo: A steep footwall is the first challenge.Photo: Seasonal comparison at the footwall of the Skinny Slide.Photo: Photo: Looking down from about 75' up after the slide lays back in slope.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A view up toward a huge overlap, the crevice is at the right end of the wall.Photo: Seasonal comparison partway up the Skinny Slide.Photo: Photo: Nearing the overlap.Photo: Angle of the Irene enlargement.Photo: I'm resting comfortably as Scott approaches the wall.Photo: View across the wall before we enter the crevice.Photo: A consolidated pile of snow blocks the way in.Photo: Seasonal comparison at the crevice on the Skinny.Photo: Scott entering the crevice.Photo: A glance down toward the west end.Photo: Photo: Help!?Photo: Photo: Looking up the exit hole.Photo: Seasonal comparison at the crevice on the Skinny.Photo: Scott entering the constriction.Photo: Photo: Looking into the exit hole.Photo: More slide awaits above the exit.Photo: Kevin walking up the last of the Irene track.Photo: Photo: Seasonal comparison at the top of the 2011 enlargement.Photo: Scott approaching the top of the old segment of the slidePhoto: