82 Photos - Aug 11, 2013
Photo: Photo: During the bushwhack from Dix western ridge.Photo: Photo: NP at the toe of the slide.Photo: Either calcium or quartz deposit in a boulder.Photo: Kevin in the drainage.Photo: Photo: Photo: First major debris pile en route. Slide top is visible in the distance.Photo: Hough's slides from the drainage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Interesting view of MaComb.Photo: Photo: Photo: Kevin gives a sense of scale to the depth of the damage.Photo: Photo: Dual runs split around a tree island. Both slides are just beyond to the right. NP stands for scale.Photo: Atop the right-hand run looking at the southern slab.Photo: Debris field is 100+ feet wide.Photo: Kevin looking up the southern run atop the hill of debris in the last pic.Photo: View of Elk Lake from bottom of confluence.Photo: Bottom of the thinner, northern run.Photo: NP sitting on the first dominant outcrop of the northern side.Photo: Nice holds on granular slab.Photo: Lower slab, northern run. Kevin grabs holds caused by differential weathering.Photo: Photo: Photo: A unique view of the Beckhorn.Photo: Largest overlap on the northern side.Photo: Flowing overlaps on the slab.Photo: Photo: NP walking up some moderate angled slab.Photo: The old southern slide leading toward the Beckhorn.Photo: Photo: Top center is the release point.Photo: Getting a little more serious approaching the top.Photo: Getting steeper!Photo: Photo: NP on the final 20' of the headwall, steep and exposed.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: NP standing mid-headwall.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Could the view get any better. The top of the headwall lays back slightly.Photo: Kevin on the last few feet of the headwall.Photo: NP climbing a ledge at the bottom of southern run.Photo: Kevin at the bottom of the ledge on the southern side. You can walk around this.Photo: Photo: Kevin at bottom of the southern leg.Photo: NP at the bottom of the main run of slab on the southern leg.Photo: The best slab on the southern side. Notice the large debris field above.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Above the mud and debris lies blocky ledges until the release point.Photo: Photo: NP above the debris field.Photo: View from the ledges, NP climbing.Photo: Stunning view from the top with Elk Lake in the background.Photo: Photo: Kevin on the bottom of the upper ledges.Photo: Crux of the southern leg.Photo: Photo: Photo: The very top of the south side; beginning of the bushwhack.Photo: NP becomes one with the krummholz. A man in his element.Photo: What a view from the Beckhorn! The Lobster Claw with Hough and MaComb in the background.Photo: Photo: Photo: Why did we name it the Lobster Claw? Quite the profile!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunderw blooking at Dix Pond.Photo: Dix Pond at 6:00 p.m.Photo: