43 Photos - Jul 27, 2013
Photo: Mosaic of key points.Photo: Relaxing on Indian Head.Pic by Mike Tomaselli.Photo: Sam on Indian Head.Photo: Mike and Kim on Indian Head.Photo: The tantalizing Rainbow Slide on Gothics.Photo: Indian Head from Fishhawk Cliffs.Photo: Boaters on Lower Ausable Lake.Photo: Wetlands in Elk Pass.Photo: Headwaters of West Inlet Brook.Photo: Herdpath; notice the cutting from the rescue in Dec. 2012.Photo: Along the brook.Photo: Perfect place to get water and scramble for a view.Photo: Slide footwall.Photo: Kevin finding a good point to climb. Pic by Mike Tomaselli.Photo: Photo: Looking down from a ramp on the footwall.Photo: Sam Hecklau taking notes.Photo: Frog enjoying a pool in the slide.Photo: Mike in the first choke point.Photo: First set of ledges after the footwall.Photo: Photo: Chimney that I used to ascent.Photo: Kim, Mike, Sam looking back down the ledge.Photo: Photo: After the second choke point...steep and all rock to the top.Photo: Bottom of the 3rd section.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo by Kim Ellison.Photo:                                Photo: Mike approaching the top of a pitch.Photo: Photo: Photo by Kim Ellison.Photo: Rubble.Photo: Main intrusion of rubble on the slide.Photo: Sam in a recess after the rubble field.Photo: Photo: Mike and Kim on some friction.Photo: Photo: Looking down from the top of the primary run as it closes in.Photo: Up into the gully at the top.Photo: Mike on the final pitch.Photo: Sam and Kevin on the summit. Pic by Kim Ellison.