66 Photos - Jul 15, 2013
Photo: Mosaic of the Buttress Slide.Photo: Buttress Slide as viewed from the trail into Hunters Pass.Photo: Footwall/cliff of the northern most track.Photo: Kevin and Phil resting at the footwall. Picture by NP.Photo: Phil Brown on the footwall.Photo: Kevin belaying Phil up between the overhangs. Picture by NP.Photo: Phil between the overhangs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Traversing a debris covered ledge on the footwall...not the easiest route up.Photo: Mossy ledges near the top of the footwall below a strip of trees.Photo: Slide track as viewed from the southern run.Photo: NP on the buttress of stone above the footwall.Photo: NP/Phil on the middle low-angle slab.Photo: Photo: Photo: Intrusion in the anorthosite.Photo: Hmmm...Photo: Photo: The first of segment of real climbing. It looks flat from this perspective.Photo: More realistic of the slope for the upper half of the slide.Photo: Photo: Photo: Phil on a ledge with the twin tracks below.Photo: NP scoping his line.Photo: Picture by NP.Photo: Photo: Traversing from a ledge to some overlaps.Photo: Tricky spot while unprotected.Photo: Platform of bedrock a couple hundred feet up; a nice place to rest.Photo: Phil atop a series of blocks that lead to the platform.Photo: Looking up at the dihedral. This represents about 150' of elevation gain.Photo: Photo: Photo by NP. Above the upper dihedral.Photo: The upper dihedral from partway up the crack.Photo: Kevin about 60 feet up the crack/dihedral.Photo: Close-up of the dihedral taken from about 60 feet up.Photo: Phil and NP waiting for me to get set up to belay.Photo: Photo: Photo: Phil about 70' up the dihedral. Photo by NP.Photo: Photo by NP.Photo: More steep slab.Photo: Picture by NP.Photo: Resting about 200 feet up from the base of the upper dihedral.Photo: Nippletop Mountain from the slide.Photo: Picture by Phil Brown. Kevin on the slide.Photo: Photo: Picture by Phil Brown.Photo: Last pitches of the slide.Photo: Kevin looking at an option. Pic by NP.Photo: Photo: Photo: Going around the ledge in the last picture.Photo: Phil at the top before a wet traverse to the final few feet.Photo: The capstone; where it all began.Photo: Quite a view down!Photo: Resting in the woods on the way down.Photo: Typical ledges and slope for an hour during the descent.Photo: Photo: Old exposure slab as we near the Buttress.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Face in Hunters Pass.Photo: View from the lip of the footwall. Stay clear if possible, there's alot of debris. We were getting ready to belay Phil to get some cams he left just below the lip.