69 Photos - Jun 17, 2013
Photo:                                Photo: Breaking camp in the morning.Photo: Upper reaches of the Goodwin-Stanley Route.Photo: Route line of our ascent.Photo: Middle and most technical slab on the face where we began.Photo: Descending the col from Pyramid/Gothics.Photo: First glance at the central slab.Photo: Photo: Rich, Mike and Greg at the base of the slab.Photo: Rich on the lower pitch.Photo: Mike about 200' up the slab.Photo: Photo: Photo: Traversing across the flakes to a nice dihedral.Photo: Greg on the lower pitch.Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Kevin pondering...should I, shouldn't I, should I....?Photo: Greg and Rich.Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Photo: Photo: On the central flakes.Photo: Kevin watching Rich and Greg.Photo: Photo: Photo: The nice overlap before the steepest portion of Over the Rainbow route and where we fell off route.Photo: Photo: Photo:                                Photo: The traverse from the Rainbow route to our variation. Mike getting ready to belay Greg.Photo: Photo: Soloing up from the grass to the next wet ledge.Photo: Atop the ledge ascending the final run before a traverse over to the Goodwin-Stanley route.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking down the face.Photo: Photo: Fighting dirty slab.Photo: Photo: Greg in his clean shirt !!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Beginning of the steepest portion of the route climbing toward Gothics' overhanging roof.Photo: Photo: Rich contemplating.Photo: Greg contemplating the way.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rich nearing the crux.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is one of the more exposed traverses at the top. In 2012, this was coated with 1/2 in of fragile ice with runoff underneath...it was easier this day.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Under the end of the roof.Photo: Photo: Getting steeper.Photo: Last bit before the krummholz.Photo: Not sure what this look really means!Photo: Atop the summit at 11:00 a.m.Photo: